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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I Like Acting Tough, Am I?

My family acknowledged that I love to act, in my own way of course. Being dramatic of some sorts. Even some of my classmates in uni thought that too. It's not that I watch drama a lot (in fact, I really not fond of watching drama), but I love seeing their expression whenever I am being dramatic. Y'know, their reaction? It really makes me happy.

Well, let's put that aside for now.

Acting tough.

Have I been acting tough?

Yeah, I think I did. Plenty of time. Or, most of the time? I couldn't remember.

One of my principle or my habit, is to think positively and stay optimistic. This might be where the 'acting tough' come from.

I still don't know the cons of acting tough, but somewhere deep in my heart, I think there's a bit of gloomy side. Just a tiny little bit okay.

So, what's the reason for acting tough? To gain respect, to make others not worry about you, to keep others to stay tough too...

A lot of things happened.

Well, part of me comforted me by saying, "It's okay. It's okay. It's okay."

Dear heart, please just be okay.

I hate complaining y'know. And I hope I will never be insyaAllah. I like to accept things the way they are. But that is where one of my shortcoming comes from.

Err... What am I blabbing now? All the points seems out of places haha. Weird.
This is not a complaining 'kay. It's called, pouring-out-what's-inside-your-heart-from-time-to-time-so-it-wouldn't-cramped-inside-and-burst-later.

Okay, till next time insyaAllah =)

Monday, July 4, 2016

Midnight thought

"I've been thinking about something. It keeps on lingering in my mind and I can't stop. I tried to get it out, but I failed. Its haunting me, and I think I wouldn't be able to be myself the way I used to in the past. I've been in a state of confusion, anxiety and a non stop worrying about that one particular thing. When I thought that I got someone by my side, I'm actually hallucinating. There's nobody by my side. I need someone to consult, someone to talk to, someone to lend their ears and shoulders for me"

- hi, this is Yong's sister. There's nothing really happened I just wanna write something. Peace yo!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bersyukur di Mulut, Tidak di Hati

Satu kejadian membuatkan aku termenung jauh.

Apakah perasaan itu?

Terkilan? Takjub? Kecewa? Keliru?

Semuanya bercampur baur.

Aku termenung memikirkan satu sikap manusia yang selama ini aku rasa aku boleh berlapang dada, namun tidak lagi.

Sikap tidak bersyukur.


Berprasangka buruk.

Menuduh tanpa usul periksa.

Apakah ini realiti manusia?
Apa aku selama ini berada di dalam kepompong idealis?
Apa selama ini aku berada di oasis?
Sehingga semuanya tampak hodoh dan buruk di mataku apabila dunia tidak seperti yang ku duga?


Aku harus terus bergantung harap kepada Allah.
Aku harus terus meletakkan Allah yang tertinggi dalam hatiku.
Aku harus kekal berlapang dada, percaya dengan realiti dunia yang tidak dapat ku ubah sendirian.
Aku harus kekal optimis, dan merasa diri ini rendah di sisiNya.

Aku harus.

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