Sunday, December 31, 2017

The End of 2017

It's the end of 2017 already.

Lots of things happened in this year. Not that I jotted down everything in this blog, what a waste.
Memories may become dull in the future. What will left is the memories imprinted in other media, not in the brain only. But I somehow believe, even we may not remember it anymore in the future, the heart can feel it.

Nevertheless, starting tomorrow, I'll venture my life as a 26 years old woman. Man, I can't believe in that number huhu. And I am still single!

Anyway, I finally got my driving license lololol. What an achievement! Haha!

This year, alhamdulillah, I really thanks Allah for giving me the chance to continue living this life.

I met lots of new people, enthusiastic younger new colleagues, new friends through training course, etc. 

It's been almost two years since I graduated, and it will be lies if I tell that I didn't miss my university's life. All the usrah, tazkirah, pious lovely friends... Alhamdulillah, Allah still giving me the chance to at least solat jemaah between girls at the office.

"Aku adalah anak-anak panah Islam. Campakkanlah aku ke mana sahaja, aku tetap berjuang demi Islam!" - Saad Abi Waqqas

Hope I can live up to that. I do not wish to stray more than I could be. Let's hope 2018 I can be a better me! I gotta find more programme to fulfil my soul.

Oh, my father asked me to read this book somewhere early this year. But I never finish it huhu. Half-way already. Somehow, when there's a will, there's a way :) Next year, we will be settled down at Rawang insyaAllah.

Well, 2018 ea.
I need to write down what I'm gonna achieve this year.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Not So Much a Movie Review

I always thought that watching drama is a waste of time. But deep in my heart, I want to direct a movie one day. What movie director who direct a movie without watching any movie as a reference? 

So, this is it. I'm going to watch drama, and jot down any things for reference. I especially detest korean drama, not until lately. I detested because I thought korean drama is all about love between people. Like, the story centered all around them. How pitiful. 

But, I started to realize there are different kind of movie genres. They just not shown on our tv channel. Afterall, romance stories are what getting hits the most nowadays, tch.

1. W - Two World

-Between a 2D and real world. It doesn't make any sense, but this is what we called as fantasy. Everyone can fantasize on something, and you can make anything happen in a fantasy world. No logic can be found. 2D people can transport to the real world and become human. But, something has to pay for it, which is the life of the real people. They exchange their life. It takes two to tango. 
- Of course GCI plays an important aspect in creating this.
- there is no 2nd male lead who will fight for female 1 love. 2nd male lead is her father I think.
- family relationship. 
- the male lead memory was erased, but he can like the same girl again over time. Well, this is kind of cliche despite I think the small time they spent for the second time. Glad the memory doesn't magically come, because if it is, then it is not logical. But whoops, anything can happen in a fantasy world. But we still craves for some logic right? I mean, me.
- the acting? Everyone is ok.
- the scene management. I like how they did their flashback. Example, there are 3 cuts on the flashback. But the earliest flashback was on the third. Do you get what I mean? It doesn't start directly on the first scene of  the supposed flashback. It was done backwards. I think this way of managing flashback scenes is interesting. First time I saw this.
- did I cry? I think I did at scenes where people cried. I always wonder how the actor can moved people to tears. 

2. Bring It On, Ghost

-Ghost of 5 years is actually a living person in coma. Even in the end she regained consciousness, she can't remember a thing during her coma state; a wandering soul. 

Ok, this kinda makes sense. The love bloom again with that guy's effort. Well, memories might come, but will not be clear enough. If she started to remember everything suddenly, then it's cliche.
-The characters. Two male mc, two female mc. Looks cliche enough, but not. Male 1 like female 1. Female 2 like male 2. Male 2 is the antagonist. In older drama, 2 female will fight for 1 male. And the 2nd male lead who likes female 1 will get heartbroken. I think this setup is not famous lately. People don't want any cliche stuff. They want something that at least can relate themselves with. Ok back to the characters, aside from the 2 male 2 female lead, there are side characters. A comedy duo. The parents/guardian of leads also play important role.
-One thing I like, is how they portrayed they life history of the antagonist. Make we pity him at one point. Like he doesn't deserve that because he was possessed. As the monk said, we see him doing bad things because of an evil spirit, but in the eye of society, he is a murderer. So in the end, at least the antagonist and his mother kinda reconciled. There's a slight happy ending for him in the end. Not totally making him evil till the end. So, can we relates the antagonist with our real world? What say you? What is the reason, the moral behind this?
-Another thing, the ending. I found it's hard to create a suitable ending. I can't really satisfied with the ending, but, even I dunno what kind of ending that I want. What say you?
- the acting. It's cool that the male 1 guy is not so cool and acted bubbly with the girl he loves at the end. Not a cliche cold bad boys guy. But, acting bubbly is kinda weird and seriously not my type haha. Overall, everyone acting was ok.
- Of course GCI plays an important aspect in creating this. Well, it's good the ghosts' appearance were kinda the same, same body gestures, contact eyes, blood. But it still sometimes made me jumped. 
- the scene management. Starts with reality then some flashback in the middle. This is the usual thing. Another one, some scenes on the previous episode were left hanging, and continued at the next episode. Not sure if randomly or consequently placed. This is kinda cool I guess. Making us wonder, when will the cliffhanger resolve.


Okay, so far, that's two drama I've watched. Maybe I should watch other country's drama. Bye bye~

Oh yeah, any recommendations? Do drop your comment below~

Friday, November 3, 2017

Online Exam PTD M41

This was fun!
I never intended to take this PTD online exam seriously, since I applied for it last week (after the announcement of the exam date), and suddenly got the invitation for the online exam later. So I didn't do much reading, and man! My mathematics skills' truly doomed!

By the way, it was a nice experience. I got a little bit knowledge here and there while googling.

Let's try again next year when I am a bit confident. Hehe.

Good luck to everyone!

Sempat pulak screenshot ek. Tu yang tak sempat masa tu haha! Screenshot soalan yang rasa nak buat balik.

Contoh soalan Seksyen B

Sunday, October 1, 2017

I Am The Girl in Their Dream

Yeah, another short which doom to be left hanging and died a lonely discontinuation. Or, I will try to take some time to complete this one haha. I suddenly got the idea while trying to fall asleep. I legit started to write it down in my phone, and below is the outcome lol. I didn't double checked on the grammar and vocabs, so don't kill me please~ T^T


"An empty table!" I literally screamed in my head. As a girl with glasses and two braided pony tails aka the nerd girl, it's really an enormous salvation for me to find an empty table during the peak hour of lunch.

I rushed to the table, carefully holding my food tray and sit down with triumph. This table with 4 seaters is mine all over the lunch. I can guarantee there is absolutely no one who will sit here. After all, I'm the nerd girl with glasses anyway. I'm used staying alone.

Looking down at my carbonara spaghetti, I twisted it carefully with the forks and brought it to my mouth. As I was chewing my lunch, my ears caught something bizarre as hell.

"Hi, Tara. This space is empty right? I'll sit here okay". A voice of a good looking guy. Well, I think he is a good looking guy based on his voice, and he wasn't even the tiniest bit doubted that I might have companies. Darn the nerd girl reputation.

My eyebrows twitched as I'm seeing Jade Brown in front of me. Yup, a good looking guy indeed, a reaallyyy good looking one on top of that. My brain cells all running around imitating The Flash as trying to figure out why the most popular guy would sit on the same table with me? And oh my gosh, don't even skip this one; he freaking knows my name!

Is this the moment of my nerdy life where I'll be in a cliche love story; the hot popular boy falling in love with a nerd girl in glasses, because... wait! Jade is waving his hand, calling someone over, "Hey buddy! Here!"

I glimpsed at the person Jade's reaching out, and guess what, it's the infamous nerd guy!

Luke came to our table, and sit besides Jade indifferently. "Hello Tara," Luke greated me.

Nowww what? The story where the jock and the nerd guy fighting over a nerd girl?


The sound of a girl clearing her throat purposely doesn't shocked me anymore. Things can get even weirder, so guess I'll accept things the way it is. Looking up at the cheerleader captain, Queen Noir, I gave her a smile, and invited her, "You can sit here too if you want". Queen returned the smile and sit on the empty slot. "Thanks Tara," she thanked me.

It was an awkward silence for a few moments. Well, it's really a weird combination on earth having the most popular guy, the most popular girl,  the most nerdy guy and the most nerdy girl sitting for lunch in the same table, and why the heck all of them knew my name anyway? I mean, is the apocalypse currently stumbling around the corner?

Jade cleared his throat. "Tara, sorry to disturb your lunch..." he looked at me. Queen suddenly interrupted Jade, "Yeah, truly sorry about that, but we don't have much time." Staring straight into my eyes, Jade exclaimed, "You have to help us."

My mouth slightly opened in disbelief. "What do you mean? And I've meant to ask this, how do you know me in the first place? I don't think we ever exchanged words, or even eye contact before," I gave out my concerns and Luke's answer gave me the shock of the world.

"You were in our dreams, Tara."

To be continued...


Monday, September 18, 2017




I know everything about him.

The way his face distorted when sneezing, how he sometimes stumble when walking, the noises he made when he eat anything delicious, the gentle patting whenever he encounter street cats.

And the fact,
That he hates me.

“Yo, Elise! Whatchu’ doin’ this weekend?” asked Luke from behind.

We’ve been friends for 15 years. 

“If you don’t have any plan, Imma crash at your place”.

His past is my past.

“There’s this movie Jacob recommended. He’ll lend the DvD tomorrow! Yahoo!” Luke seems rejoiced by it.


“Man, Elise. You’re gonna love it so freaking bad!” he then giggled at his remark.

I’m sick of this fake friendship.

“Hey, silence means yes right?” Luke put his hand on my left shoulder, tried to make me turn to him.

Why must pretend?

“Ah, shoot! I forgot my meeting with the baseball manager! Go home without me!” he exclaimed suddenly.

Is it so hard to look into my eyes and say you hate me?

I turned my back and stared blankly as Luke stormed back to the campus.

Let’s just end everything, Luke…




Friday, June 16, 2017







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