Smile. You Are Not A Guy.

Someone commented about my facial expression.

I was like, "Oh no. They've realized it."
I told myself then, "Come on.. You got to change this. You're not a guy. You're a girl."



I love to wear the "poker face". 
A blank expression, that makes people hard in guessing my real feeling.
I look neutral.

I used to admire guys with a straight face. A face that smile only on certain occasion, and not smiling carelessly in front of girls. Looking at them, as they look like my father, making me comfortable (n_n)

We can easily judge the face they wear, whether it is a proud face, or a face of dignity and pride. Based on their characters of course.

A face of dignity. A face of a leader. Strong. Charismatic.
I like that kind of facial expression. I might have try to have one. Wait, no. I am using one.

But now, I realized that it doesn't looks good on a girl. Might just be I'm not doing it right, or I don't have the traits to have one.

Why do I think boys looks good with that kind of facial expression? Untunglaa..

I was quiet a tomboyish girl a while back. Not too much physically, but more internally.
"Kau ni macam lelaki lah." My friends, acquaintances, and even my family's members remarked.
Who want to be told that? Huhu.
I am changing for good when I entered matriculation, but the lingering style might still be there unconsciously.

Yup, got to remove that away.

Sometimes, I'm afraid that I might have a lack of emotion. Am I?
Or, is it because I'm restraining myself to not give out emotion carelessly?