KMS: BioVideo

Remember when I told you about the video we made while still in matriculation? For biology? Here's the snapshots ^^ I have nothing to do right now, so I watched the video back to remember the memories of us together.. Rabi'ah, Roslida, Rosmiera, Izzati, Nisa'.. I love you XD 

Ukhuwahfillah abadan abada..

Some event happens after here, but I don't want to put the snapshot because it was confusing. Haha. Just wanna say that actually, the follower taught it was fishy that Rabi'ah borrow the knife from acik kafe. She taught that Rabi'ah wanna hurt herself, but as she approached her, it's looks like her taught was completely different. Okay, so lets continue.

So, that's the end ^^ if you doesn't understand, then let it be. You don't have to actually understand this. Just, the moral value here is that we shouldn't look down others weaknesses and disability. Instead, look not only with sympathy but empathy.