We are Nothing Without Others

Yesterday, alhamdulillah, my group had finished shooting our last scene. It was a relieved... Finally, we managed to complete the mini video within just two days... But, well, of course it's not really satisfying, two days je pon... janji siap... aha..

There's a lot of assignment to do this semester. And we need to catch up with our syllabus also. Last night, we're just using the Movie Maker to edit the video. It was the simplest way and we're suppose to start editing at 9 p.m, but there was an unforeseen circumstances on our ways. That and this... And finally we started at 11. Up until 2 a.m, everyone entered the 'blur' mood. So, we ended the editing at 2.

Moral of the story, we has to w
ork as a team! Any assignment given as a group work, do it as a group... I really thanked my friends for being in my group. Yeah, without them, when will the assignments be completed, right? Different person has different ideas and way of thinking... Appreciate those if you want others to appreciate yours...

Ok, that's all.