Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gerhana Bulan: SubhanaAllah!

 Usrah 16 Jun 2011

Di sini, saya quotekan post saya di facebook,

Nak SHARE. td time usrah baru tau, ade satu hadis ni, total up semua, nak citer yg tujuan Allah cipta gerhana ni semua, utk takutkan kita, supaya kita berfikir, apa jadi kalo Allah betul2 tarik nikmat cahaya bulan/matahari tu? gerhana tu tetibe je kekal? then, kat hujung hadis tu, rasulullah kate, ble nampak je gerhana2 ni, if i'm not mistaken, fikirkan tentang Allah, dan beristigfarlah. wallahualam.

Topik usrah kali ni, pasal gerhana. Mentang-mentang gerhana bulan akan berlaku pada pagi tu, so Makcik Zai(naqibah kami) pon bukak topik pasal gerhana. Alhamdulillah, dapat la tau sikit-sikit pasal gerhana ni dan macam-macam info menarik. Best!

Makcik Zai share satu hadis ni, seperti yang diatasla, tapi lagi detail. InsyaAllah, tu adalah satu ilmu baru.

Tak pernah fikir pulak utk beristigfar bila tengok gerhana, astagfirullah.. Kita tak sedar pun yang Allah tu Maha Berkuasa, untuk tarik apa-apa nikmat kita kat dunia ni. Boleh je Allah tarik nikmat cahaya bulan tu kan..?

"Setiap peristiwa alam ada keunikkannya sendiri," tambah naqibah kami.

Baik, sekian. Moga bermanfaat ^__^

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Movie Review: 1942

I don't remember exactly when I watched this movie, but as far as I remember, I watched it after SPM.

A Japanese movie

What triggered me to watch 1942?

I was at, searching for horror genre's movies and that was how I met 1942. I watched it till the end, and my final conclusion was,  

" I don't have the conclusion!!! "

Yes, you hit the button boys and girls, I don't understand! I was a real pathetic... 

1942 is awesome, because I like history-kind of-movies eventhough 1942 isn't really a historical movie... but it does mention about crossing the Slim River, Perak.

Here's the summary. I'll be really glad if you spend some time to watch 1942, and share your thought AND conclusion u got from this movie with me :D I'm really desperate to know 'what is 1942 is all about'? 

Yes, we can assume anything, but wouldn't it be more exciting if we share it?

1942. Malaya. Sgt. Yasuo Fujii, a war cameraman, is huddled in a trench, waiting to film the Japanese 6th Army cross the Slim River on its way south to Kuala Lumpur. An enemy mortar shell lands in the trench and, in a heartbeat, Sgt. Fujii is running through the jungle for his life. Armed with nothing except his 8mm camera, the young soldier soon hooks up with remnants of the scattered 6th Army. Together with three soldiers, he must race against time to get a fatally wounded soldier back to the division in Kuala Lumpur. However, everything starts to go wrong and they get lost in the maze-like jungle. All their maps are wrong and their radio malfunctions. Sgt. Fujii starts sighting mysterious figures through his camera viewfinder, and a female ghost starts to haunt them. Survival is at stake and the ghost is hot on their heels. Will they make it to safety? 

If the link is broken, or the movie isn't show up, please help yourself to find other link to the movie. Thank you. Ngehehe~ 

This is only my review on 1942 movie.

~LOVE 1942~

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Aduh.. Bilalah nak Serius??

Blog blog blog...

Blog saya ni awalnya dicipta sekadar untuk cerita tentang hidup saya. Dulu time kecik2, suka tulis diari kat buku, jadi bila dah besar sikit, blog ganti buku...

Tapi, lama-lama, bila dah makin besar ni, teringin pulak nak mengilmiahkan blog. Tengok blog orang lain, ada manfaatnya. Tapi, blog saya ni, sekadar untuk menceritakan hidup saya.

Kalau boleh, taknak la macamtu selamanya. Nak jugak saya luahkan isi hati dan fikiran, tapi selalu tak keluar. Emm, maybe kena betul-betul tetapkan hati kot.

Saya memang tak penah bagitau orang lain pasal blog ni. Kalau yang terjumpa, blogwalking la tu.. Sebab blog ni memang khas tuk saya tulis apa yang saya nak tulis. Apa yang berlaku dalam hidup saya... Saya buat ni semua pun, sebab nak jadikan kenangan satu hari nanti...

Tetapi, lama kelamaan, terbit satu perasaan nak share pemikiran saya yang saya pendam selama ni. Tentang masyarakat, dunia, pemerhatian saya, remaja, Islam... Saya memang nak sangat luahkan..

Jadi, kadang-kadang terfikir, perlukah buat lagi satu blog, khas untuk perkara-perkara camtu?

Apa pendapat korang?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

English's essay Form 4 dulu2.. Hahah~

           I smelt the delicious aroma as I approached my house. “Hmm, Asam Laksa! My favorite!” As I reached the doorknob, something came out my mind, “Wait, I don’t think there is anyone in this house right now. Mom and dad has gone to their office before the sunrise, and my sister, she had co curricular activities at school today. But, if there’s no one at home, who’s cooking?” I wondered.

            “It must be mom! Maybe she has free time today, that’s why she’s home right now,” I made the conclusion with a smile and reached for the doorknob. Ah, it's lock. I wondered for what reason mom's locking it. I don’t want to disturb mom so I reached the key in my pocket and unlocked the door. I rushed to the kitchen calling out my mom, but she did not answer.

            I searched the whole house for my mom but I can't find her. I thought that was weird because I knew that I smelt Asam Laksa. It cannot be our neighbor because we do not have any. The house next door is empty!

            “Was my nose having a problem?”

I tried to smelt again. Yep, definitely Asam Laksa. I ran back to the kitchen and peeped in the food cone.
           “Ahh!” I yelled in horror. I was taken aback for what I just saw. It was not Asam Laksa with fish in it, but Asam Laksa with worm and spider caked by a black slimy thing! It was horrible!
           I dare not to look at it anymore and without hesitation, I closed the food cone. I moved backward and shivered. “What the hell is that?” I yelled. Thinking twice, I braved myself and open the food cone again. What? The gross Asam Laksa had disappeared! I was shocked. What happened to me? Did I just daydream? I calmed myself by saying I was just having a daydream. Maybe I was just too tired, and hungry.

          I went to the sofa and landed on it with a sigh. “ I think better if I take a little nap”, I uttered. On my way to a deep sleep, my mind was filled by that weird experience. I know I smelt Asam Laksa…
          The next thing I knew, I was awoken by the sound of thunder. I peeped outside. It was raining cats and dogs. I looked surround me and found me in a gloomy living room. I took a glimpse at the kitchen. It was dark, very dark. I tried to switch the main lamp, when suddenly I heard something came out from my room. 

          “What the heck…” before I could finish my word, the sound was getting louder. “Ah, it might be a cat,” I calmed myself and moved toward my room in order to chase the ‘cat’ away.

            But, the bravado I portrayed immediately vanished after I heard the sound of a woman’s crying. My heart beaten harshly. I want to move backward but my curiosity is much higher. Slowly, I opened the door. It was pitch black. My hand quickly searched for the lamp switch because of the crying that was getting louder. I could only feel the wall because it was very dark. As I found it, I flicked it without hesitation and the room was bathed with light.

            There, at the corner of my room, I saw a silhouette of a woman with a long hair. She had her back towards me. I gasped in horror. My legs trembled badly. I want to run but I cannot. My panic had overcome my will to run. I was shaken. That woman slowly turned towards me.      

            She had the eerie structure ever! Her skin was all peeled off and the blood oozing from every part of her body. I want to scream but no voice coming out. She then immediately shouted with a horrendous voice, “Why did my life ended like this?! Why?! Why?!”. Her blank socket stared me directly. I was palpitated. My body shaken uncontrollably and, I collapsed.
            “Honey, honey, what happen? Please wake up. Honey!” my ears caught the voice my mother. Remembering the ghost, I woke up in terror and hug my mom tightly. As I coming back to my sense,  I quickly narrated what had happened. She seemed shocked,” Oh my god, you saw her? I know dear, I know. That’s why we need to move from here as fast as we can”. My mother response really woke me up.

            “But how did you know?” I asked. “The agent of this house had told me everything about this house. Yes, dear. This house is haunted,” said my mother with an eerie voice. My mother’s explanation really made me sick. That’s mean, I had seen a ghost. I turned to look at the kitchen and the woman I saw just before I collapse, was staring at me. I gave a short shriek and then collapsed, again. 

P/S : The end.. Any grammatical or spelling error, kindly inform me  :) thank you..Kalau ada cadangan tajuk, leh bagitau sekali ye..

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gomo Kelate Gomo!!!

Bwahahahaha!! What a firing spirit!

Sepertimana yang saya tau, malam ni ada perlawanan bola sepak antara Kelantan dan Terengganu. Kebetulan, jiran atas saya ni, memang kelate sume... Hehe.. Abang2 ni Mereka2 ni baru pindah rumah atas. Tak kenal pon.

Baru je pukul 3 tadi, adik saya ternampak dorang2 ni turun bawah. Mak aii.. Ketawa dia!

Lengkap mereke berbaju merah dan ber''cat'' segala. Hahaha! Memang semangat habis!

'candid camera' di sebalik langsir dlm rumah~

Setahu saya jiran atas ni ( sume lelaki) ada 4 5 orang je, tapi dorang bawak geng pulak~


cis. membetulkan topi di kereta abahku. haha.
akhirnye, mereka bergambar beramai-ramai XD

Hmm, memang dasyat ye semangat mereka. Mula bertolak seawal  3 petang.. Nak dok depan la kut..

InsyaAllah, doa je la banyak2.. Saya tak sokong mana2 lg.. :D

Tapi yang paling penting, jangan tinggal solat masa duduk kat stadium tu. Bola tu bola la jugak, solat jangan lupa. Cari masa, dan jangan ikut nafsu nak tengok bola tu setiap saat setiap detik.

Ingat, solat adalah satu tanggungjawab!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Merong ohh Merong..

Bila pertama kali tengok iklan Merong Mahawangsa tu, memang teruja giler la.. 

Pasai pa pulak ha? Dahla guna perkataan 'teruja'..

Hahahahahaha.. Sebab saya adalah salah seorang yang pernah menghabiskan buku Merong Mahawangsa tu..!! Yeah! Hahaha.. Memang lawak la..


Ingat lagi masa tu. Kat sekolah menengah la.. Puan Salmah suruh baca karya-karya sastera ni, lepas tu tulis rumusan. Saya masuk pertandingan apa ntah, tapi yang penting dapat merit =) Banyak~

Ushalah buku-buku sastera tu (Puan Salmah panggil Karya Agung) dekat rak yang dikhaskan. Uii, tebalnye mak aii.. Tanpa melengahkan masa, saya pilihla yang 'kurus-kurus' sikit (hehe, jimat masa).. Jadi, pilihan pertama saya, tu diaa..

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa !!

Kalau nak 'judge a book by its cover', memang tak bolehla kan.. Tak ada gambar. Cuma paperback merah dan tulisan warna emas.. Macam iras-iras Al-Quran terjemahan pulak.. Tak tau nape terpilih 'dia'..

  saya tak baca yang jawi ni.. hehe.. yang rumi la..

Masa tu form 5. Dalam masa cuti penggal dua minggu tu kot saya baca buku tu.. Best jugak, menarik.. Saya recommend la bagi sesape yang nak baca karya-karya agung ni.. Mungkin sebab saya suka cerita-cerita klasik kot.. Hohohoho..!

Tapi, mengaku la, ada kot mukasurat yang ter'skip' tapi tak banyak la.. Mungkin salah letak penanda buku..

Hahaha.. Tak sangka pulak keluar movie lepas bertahun pembacaan.

Taulah korang dah tengok~ Saya tak tengok lagi.. Nantilah, ingat nak beli cd. Yang original lah.. Tak kesah la ok ke tak yang di'movie' kan.. Dorang dah usaha, bajet pun telan banyak gak..


Emm.. tetibe teringat Ong Bak 3.. pun tak tengok lagi.. ngehe.. Ong Bak 2 best !!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Urggh.. Minat atau kerjaya?

Time form 4 dulu...

Abah : Yong pilih Bio jela.. Bidang ICT ni ect ect ect (x ingat dah apa yg abah kata)
Saya : Ok lah..

Masa Form 4 dulu, masuk kelas Sains, 4 Zuhal. Dapat tau yang kelas ni boleh pilih Bio or ICT. Siapa nak Bio, pilihla Bio, sapa nak ICT, go with it. Ada satu borang tu kena tick, dan cikgu bagi masa seminggu.

Bila tengok je pilihan tu, my heart was overwhelmed with joy.. Memang terus tick ICT la kan. Huh, memang tak fikir panjang. Minat.

Malam tu, tanya abah.  

Apa yang patut yong pilih?

And that's when the dialogue came out. I don't remember exactly what abah said to me, but it really made me choose Biology instead. Hmm, something like your job in the future...

Yela, konon nak buat istikharah, tak terbuat-buat pulak, hahaha... jadi ikut je lah abah... Abah banyak makan garam...
So, here I am, taking the Science course.

Emm, kenapa saya pilih ICT mula-mula?? 

Sebab saya minat. Tu je, fullstop

I really love IT, because it made me wanna know more about it. More and more. It made me being curious. Oh well, but interest and love only cannot scheme the future of mine. I have no talent at all (signs).

That's why I chose Biology. Now still, I'm not regretting it. Hahah ^_^
Biology is not so bad... instead I think I like it =)

It's beautiful ~

I enjoy Biology because you'll know somethings that you'll never know if you don't learn one. It's mainly about us, the world we life, the surroundings.. Ahh, how refreshing is that... Subhanallah. ^^ Best!

So, apa kaitan minat ngan kerjaya?

I don't draw like that aa.. google search.. haha..
Kalau cakap pasal minat, macam-macam saya minat. Drawing, playing instruments, martial arts, writing... But, will they help me in future? I guess nope because I don't have the talent, or well.. guess I don't have the chance to prove myself. Emm, proving just wasting money and time I thought.

Abah pernah tanya, yong minat apa?

There is no way I'm gonna tell him about my interests that doesn't have connection with science. I might hurt myself and him. So, silence is the best way.

Apa yang abah cakap, betul. Kita kena fikir apa akan jadi pada masa depan. Lagi satu, kita kena fikir tentang bidang yang boleh buat kita berkhidmat untuk orang lain. Kerja yang sesuai sebagai seorang perempuan, sebagai seorang Muslimah.

Well, I guess that's right. I never thought about it before. I just care about my interest, not the future. But obeying abah is the first thing.

Hahah.. Sesetengah orang memberontak dengan pilihan orang lain, sebab diorang betul-betul nak kejar impian dorang. Guess I don't have any dream.

To me, my score is the one that'll plan the future. It's depends on my score, my exam result.

Kalau dapat result teruk, pilihla kos yg sesuai ngan result tu. Begitulah sebaliknya.

K, tu jelah. Sebenarnya, saya benci rojak2 ni. Tak tahu la nape saya tulis camtu. Ish! tak perasan. Kena hati-hati la pas ni. Mintak maaf ye...
K, assalamualaikum.
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