One of my passion is to write short stories. I've wrote a lot, but never finish one. Hopefully by inserting them into this blog, I might have the consciousness to continue writing. Haha. Some may have a random plot, which I've forgotten. You may contribute to the story by giving me any ideas of the plot~ The incomplete stories is one thing, grammar is one thing. I might made a lot of mistakes, so please comments if you saw any. 

Nothing more than pitch black and the sensation of sun rays, will she ever see the other..."colours"?

Part 1 - July 2012

💥180 Degree💥
Some thing is not what it seems to be...

Part 1 - April 2014
Part 2 - April 2014

👩There's a She in Her👩
She wanted to disappear, forever, but something in her soul is keeping her alive, in one way or another...

Part 1 - August 2014
Part 2 - August 2014

🌸The Hidden🌸 - May 2015
Will being to nice tiring us?


🎵The Untold Songs🎵
When feelings can only be told by a song...

Part 1 - August 2015
Part 2 - August 2015

🌓Once Upon a Time🌓
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholders.

Part 1 - July 2015
Part 2 - July 2015

⌛Chance of Encounter⌛
There must be a reason for anything to happen...

Part 1 - September 2015


Prologue - September 2017

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