'Free meals from KFC' Viral WhatsApp


You know what, suddenly this noon two of my younger sisters posted some KFC's offer link in our family Whatsapp group. Then in another group, the same message was posted again.

The message said, "Free meals from KFC. Hurry up and get 3 free meals from KFC 🍔🍟🍕🌭" followed by a suspicious link.

I knew for sure links like that will definitely be some kind of a scam.

Just to make sure, I copied the link and pasted it in an incognito browser. 
This is what came out first
I answered the questions and it ended with some kind of congratulations and instruction where I need 
to share some link to 20 people/ 5 Whatsapp groups.

So I googled "free meals from KFC link virus through whatsapp", and here is an article I found with similar case >>> http://www.looptt.com/content/kfc-warns-against-meal-offer-scam

It is called Phishing Attacks. 

The criminals who engage in phishing attacks seek access to private and sensitive information, like login credentials, credit card details, and social security numbers.
I'm sure once you received the offer link (dunno if you'll really receive it or not after sending the message to 5 Whatsapp groups, but if you do...), you will need to give out your personal info such as full name, NRIC, email address, bank account number or you might be prompted to log in to your bank account! 

So, we might need to read more on phishing attacks to be more aware of this kind of things.
Now, tell others about this so they will not get phished!

Adios amigos!


  1. Tq for the info.. naseb baik x terkena lagi..


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