2018 and Latest Update

Salam~ Wassup guys~

Wow, it's 2019 already! And I am still single Q.Q

There are lots of story left untold for 2018. 

How our family finally settled down in Rawang, my trip to Vietnam, my father hospitalization due to appendix burst, my championship in PingPong tournament, list of corporate training I've went for 2018 and much more!

I really need to spend some time to write everything, even if it's just in a simple sentence. I don't want the memories flies just like that~

Oh yeah! Just wanna make a brief update, I am still working at the same company. Some colleagues went in and out, but yeah, I am still standing and kicking despite all challenges hehe.

Last weekend, I went to Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor for the "Alumni Sayang KMS" programme. I think I decided to become the committee in just 2 weeks and struggled with committee's work while working. Luckily my teammate is a fresh 20 years old girl who has just finished her final exam 😃 Intan did helped me a lot in making the explorace a successful even. Oh, I'll make another dedicated post about this event. I feel really happy to share all my knowledge with the matrics's students especially my group, Number 4. 
Stay tuned!