I Am The Girl in Their Dream

Yeah, another short which doom to be left hanging and died a lonely discontinuation. Or, I will try to take some time to complete this one haha. I suddenly got the idea while trying to fall asleep. I legit started to write it down in my phone, and below is the outcome lol. I didn't double checked on the grammar and vocabs, so don't kill me please~ T^T


"An empty table!" I literally screamed in my head. As a girl with glasses and two braided pony tails aka the nerd girl, it's really an enormous salvation for me to find an empty table during the peak hour of lunch.

I rushed to the table, carefully holding my food tray and sit down with triumph. This table with 4 seaters is mine all over the lunch. I can guarantee there is absolutely no one who will sit here. After all, I'm the nerd girl with glasses anyway. I'm used staying alone.

Looking down at my carbonara spaghetti, I twisted it carefully with the forks and brought it to my mouth. As I was chewing my lunch, my ears caught something bizarre as hell.

"Hi, Tara. This space is empty right? I'll sit here okay". A voice of a good looking guy. Well, I think he is a good looking guy based on his voice, and he wasn't even the tiniest bit doubted that I might have companies. Darn the nerd girl reputation.

My eyebrows twitched as I'm seeing Jade Brown in front of me. Yup, a good looking guy indeed, a reaallyyy good looking one on top of that. My brain cells all running around imitating The Flash as trying to figure out why the most popular guy would sit on the same table with me? And oh my gosh, don't even skip this one; he freaking knows my name!

Is this the moment of my nerdy life where I'll be in a cliche love story; the hot popular boy falling in love with a nerd girl in glasses, because... wait! Jade is waving his hand, calling someone over, "Hey buddy! Here!"

I glimpsed at the person Jade's reaching out, and guess what, it's the infamous nerd guy!

Luke came to our table, and sit besides Jade indifferently. "Hello Tara," Luke greated me.

Nowww what? The story where the jock and the nerd guy fighting over a nerd girl?


The sound of a girl clearing her throat purposely doesn't shocked me anymore. Things can get even weirder, so guess I'll accept things the way it is. Looking up at the cheerleader captain, Queen Noir, I gave her a smile, and invited her, "You can sit here too if you want". Queen returned the smile and sit on the empty slot. "Thanks Tara," she thanked me.

It was an awkward silence for a few moments. Well, it's really a weird combination on earth having the most popular guy, the most popular girl,  the most nerdy guy and the most nerdy girl sitting for lunch in the same table, and why the heck all of them knew my name anyway? I mean, is the apocalypse currently stumbling around the corner?

Jade cleared his throat. "Tara, sorry to disturb your lunch..." he looked at me. Queen suddenly interrupted Jade, "Yeah, truly sorry about that, but we don't have much time." Staring straight into my eyes, Jade exclaimed, "You have to help us."

My mouth slightly opened in disbelief. "What do you mean? And I've meant to ask this, how do you know me in the first place? I don't think we ever exchanged words, or even eye contact before," I gave out my concerns and Luke's answer gave me the shock of the world.

"You were in our dreams, Tara."

To be continued...