I Like Acting Tough, Am I?

My family acknowledged that I love to act, in my own way of course. Being dramatic of some sorts. Even some of my classmates in uni thought that too. It's not that I watch drama a lot (in fact, I really not fond of watching drama), but I love seeing their expression whenever I am being dramatic. Y'know, their reaction? It really makes me happy.

Well, let's put that aside for now.

Acting tough.

Have I been acting tough?

Yeah, I think I did. Plenty of time. Or, most of the time? I couldn't remember.

One of my principle or my habit, is to think positively and stay optimistic. This might be where the 'acting tough' come from.

I still don't know the cons of acting tough, but somewhere deep in my heart, I think there's a bit of gloomy side. Just a tiny little bit okay.

So, what's the reason for acting tough? To gain respect, to make others not worry about you, to keep others to stay tough too...

A lot of things happened.

Well, part of me comforted me by saying, "It's okay. It's okay. It's okay."

Dear heart, please just be okay.

I hate complaining y'know. And I hope I will never be insyaAllah. I like to accept things the way they are. But that is where one of my shortcoming comes from.

Err... What am I blabbing now? All the points seems out of places haha. Weird.
This is not a complaining 'kay. It's called, pouring-out-what's-inside-your-heart-from-time-to-time-so-it-wouldn't-cramped-inside-and-burst-later.

Okay, till next time insyaAllah =)