Currently, I have my little brother (15) and youngest sister (11) at home. My sisters below me, Angah  (23) and Ijah (22) are at their respective universities, RCMP and KUIS. The fifth daughter (14) is at a boarding school in Bentong (SUPERB).

The cats. Probably around 11 at home. Excluded those (neighboring cats) who only came to eat. I don't know where the mistake came from, but, three kittens (Abang, Kakak and Adik) love to poo and pee at certain places in the house. They have learnt how to poo in the sanitized sand we provided, and they did, but, they still will do their business in the house whenever they had a chance to enter. 

My mum (Ummi) is a housewife. She does all the house chores. But, she has limits. She can't stand too long, or lifting a heavy object, and allergic to dust. Ummi has a sickness. I've told about it in my 2009 post if I'm not mistaken. The first seizure in 2009, which lead to the information about a brain tumor. The second tragedy was in 2013 when I was in my third year. Ummi cannot be left with stress. The three mischievous kittens really stressing Ummi out. So, I have to do my best to make sure all the pee and poo clean.

Abah is currently the leader of the family. He works as a training consulting in a human resource training and consulting firm. He loves cats and children. He is really an optimistic person. I adore him so much.

Me? Currently working at Abah's company.
But still, need to iron Abah's and my sister's uniform along with mine.
Need to make breakfast for the kids including me, Abah and Ummi.
When Ummi's ironing, I will make breakfast. And vice versa.
I felt like I am a working mother.

I guess this will be like how I manage my family in the future.
Surely I'll learn little by little on how to manage my family when I am working and married with children. 
Oh, it really is tiring. 
But I am glad to feel this now.

And, I am a bit sad.
With my current self, family and work, I still can't do the 'amanah' bestowed to me properly.
I hope I'll be strong in the future so that I can manage my time well.

Ah, my grammar is at the tip of an iceberg.
Can fall down in a moment.