The One Type of Personality Disorder


Why must these personalities ever exist in us?
Be it in high level, or low.
Is it one of the wonder of a 'human being'?

Surely these types of personalities are not well accepted.
They are rather hateful, annoying and inappropriate.
Ask ourselves,
"Why does this kind of personality exist in me anyway?"

This is one of the corruption of the heart.

Dear sisters and brothers,
Have to remember,
Allah is the one we are supposed to center our attention and soul.
We live a life He created anyway.

To cleanse and purify our heart, despite having a huge pile of sin and wrongdoing,
Takes a lot of work.

I know, we are not the Angel with perfect body, mind and soul.
So, keep calm, do some reflection, take the first step and find our way back to Allah.

Having a good circle of friends and be in a respectful surrounding can help us purify our heart.
Frankly, it's easier said than done.
A lot of hard work and determination need to be pour.
Are we ready to leave our current state and thus be promoted to a better self?
Ask ourselves.

Be that as it may,
Never lose hope in ourselves and Allah.
Hopefully, we can always be in Allah's guidance.
May Allah forgive us. You, and me.
Insya Allah.