The Laugh That Console My Heart

Ummi laughed a lot when she speak with her friends.

I love it when her friends came to this house.

Ummi will laugh a lot.

Ummi's laugh is wonderful.

It's refreshing to just hear her laugh.

I wonder how many her laugh had I missed during the four years of living at the hostel away from home?

It's good to be at home.

I can hear Ummi's laugh more.


Ummi, please be strong.

Allah will never burden you with something you cannot bear.

I love my mother. To the moon and back. To infinity and beyond.


  1. I love this post. May Allah preserve your mother in good health.

    Sekadar berkongsi,
    Abu Hurairah meriwayatkan, Rasulullah SAW bersabda: "Sesungguhnya akan ada seseorang yang sangat tinggi kedudukannya di syurga bertanya-tanya: Dari manakah aku memperoleh tingkat kedudukan yang sangat tinggi ini? Lalu dikatakan kepadanya: Itu adalah berkat permohonan ampun yang diucapkan oleh anakmu." (Riwayat Ahmad)

  2. Yong, i cried reading this


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