Monday, November 2, 2015

Buat Para Bakal Graduan UKM

Salam brothers and sisters.

Tajuk macam formal je kan. Aha. Padahal, tak ada apa sangat pun nak cerita.

Tetapi, saya nak mengumumkan bahawasanya dengan izin Allah, saya telah selamat menghadiri Majlis Konvokesyen UKM pada 31 Oktober 2015 yang lalu. Kiranya, dah selamat bergraduasi lah daripada 4 tahun pembelajaran di UKM. Alhamdulillah.

Nak diceritakan, yang sebenarnya, saya tiadalah rasa passion atau eager sangat untuk hadir ke majlis konvo ini.

Bila tiada passion ni, akan selalu fikir simple dan last minute. Entahlah, tatkala yang lain gembira bershooting pre-convo, atau mengumumkan kepada orang ramai dalam media sosial yang mereka bakal berkonvo keesokkannya harinya, saya hanya buat relax sahaja. Pilih baju apa nak pakai esok konvo pun, pilih malam tu. Saya akui, memang dari dulu saya ni, apa orang mat saleh kata, lack of emotion? Not sensitive enough? Expressionless? Haa, macam tulah lebih kurang. Kadang-kadang saya rasa macam saya ni ada personality disorder ke apa, Heh. Tapi, hey, saya tak suka ada personaliti macam ni sejujurnya. Kebanyakan kawan dan junior kata saya jenis cool, tapi sebenarnya, entah-entah itu adalah kerana masalah lack of emotion. Haha. Tapi, jangan risau. It's mere about certain emotions that I lack of, which are probably eagerness, rage(?), anxiety(?), affection(?). I do have those, but, it's lack in some way or another.

Eh, lari dari topik pulak. Luahan perasaan, ceh,

Ok, apa yang saya nak cerita dalam post ni adalah pengalaman sepanjang majlis konvo. Maklumlah anak pertama dalam keluarga yang berkonvo, jadi, macam-macam masalah berlaku.

1. Kalau anda bergraduasi pada sidang petang, silalah buat shoot pre-convo. Bergambar dengan family atau classmate awal-awal. Samada hari ketika ambil jubah, hari-hari sebelum konvo, atau pada sidang pagi. Dekat depan DECTAR ada banyak picture booth, jadi, bolehlah bergambar kat situ semasa pelajar sidang pagi sedang berada dalam dewan. Kenapa? Sebab kalau anda sidang petang, confirm anda tak akan sempat bergambar selepas selesai majlis konvo sidang petang anda. Habis lebih kurang pukul 6 petang. Nak solat asar nya lagi.

2. Bagi yang perempuan, yang rasa muka memang akan nampak pucat, pakai la lip balm or lipstick sikit. Bedak-bedak sikit. Supaya bergambar tak nampak pucat. Haha. Ini bukan nak bertabaruj.

3. Makan siap-siap tengahari. Nanti dalam dewan sidang petang, lapar. Haha.

4. Pilih baju tudung apa nak pakai siap-siap hari sebelum tu. Jangan nanti kalut-kalut.

5. Charge handphone elok-elok. Fon saya mati dalam dewan. Sobs. Tak boleh communicate dengan kawan-kawan sekelas selepas habis konvo.

6. Boleh bawak beg dalam dewan. Nanti bila nak beratur naik pentas, boleh tinggal kat kerusi. Nanti kita akan masuk balik duduk barisan kita ikut susunan kerusi kita duduk mula-mula. Tiada masalah.

7. Masa beratur nak masuk dewan mula-mula, beratur siap-siap dengan kawan sekelas kalau nak lah. Sebab nanti naik pentas, dia ikut barisan tempat duduk kita dalam dewan. So, campur-campur kos. Nak cantik, beratur siap-siap masa kat luar DECTAR tu. Sebab dia tak akan susunkan kedudukan kita. Masa atas pentas, kat hujung tu, kita akan bagi kad pintar (akan dapat masa ambil jubah), dan dia akan swap kad tu baru keluar nama kat dalam slide.  So, memang tak ikut susunan la.

Ok, habis dah perkongsian. Sikit je.

Apa-apa pun, bila dah habis berkonvo ni, baru wujud perasaan sayu.
Rasa berterima kasih sangat dekat cikgu-cikgu yang mengajar masa kita tadika. Cikgu sekolah rendah dan menengah. Ummi dan abah kita terutamanya.

Siapalah kita ini tanpa mereka yang berjasa kepada kita sejak kita kecil?

Tak terbalas jasa, budi dan kasih sayang. Sekadar ucapan "Terima Kasih" tidak dapat membalas pengorbanan semua mereka yang terlibat dalam mendidik kita.

Bila adik bongsu tanya apa cita-cita Yong sekarang, saya jawab, "Yong nak jadi manusia yang bermanfaat kepada semua orang". 


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Safety Interview Questions & Answers

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters

I found some useful knowledge that can help us who studied safety and health to recall and add on our knowledge.

I copied this from the Facebook though. This is quite a long post, 154 questions.

May God bless whoever construct this Q&A.

And oh. There's no reason for the bolded questions. I just bolded it to make it less boring scrolling down these questions. Heh.

Monday, October 12, 2015

The One Type of Personality Disorder


Why must these personalities ever exist in us?
Be it in high level, or low.
Is it one of the wonder of a 'human being'?

Surely these types of personalities are not well accepted.
They are rather hateful, annoying and inappropriate.
Ask ourselves,
"Why does this kind of personality exist in me anyway?"

This is one of the corruption of the heart.

Dear sisters and brothers,
Have to remember,
Allah is the one we are supposed to center our attention and soul.
We live a life He created anyway.

To cleanse and purify our heart, despite having a huge pile of sin and wrongdoing,
Takes a lot of work.

I know, we are not the Angel with perfect body, mind and soul.
So, keep calm, do some reflection, take the first step and find our way back to Allah.

Having a good circle of friends and be in a respectful surrounding can help us purify our heart.
Frankly, it's easier said than done.
A lot of hard work and determination need to be pour.
Are we ready to leave our current state and thus be promoted to a better self?
Ask ourselves.

Be that as it may,
Never lose hope in ourselves and Allah.
Hopefully, we can always be in Allah's guidance.
May Allah forgive us. You, and me.
Insya Allah.

Monday, September 28, 2015

What On Earth is Art?

Hi there brothers and sisters.

I had a lot in my mind lately, trying to seek a topic for a new post on this blog. After blankly staring at the empty ceiling and forcefully rummaging my brain for a topic, I came out with this one thing I would like to share my thought about. It is called Arts.

Whenever I heard the word Art, my face will beam with a smile and my heart feel filled with sunshine and love. In my whole life, never did I came across to search the true definition of Art. I live in my own perception for the meaning of Art. 

Art, to me, is something beautiful, mysterious, and thrilling.
I may not be able to express my own definition of art in words, but, in simple words, I tend to view everything I see as an art.

My first time trying to be involved in water colour painting. Very child-like.

According to Google, Art is,

the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

The art of drawing, painting, music, dancing and writing are among the common scopes of art everyone knew.

But, what about the art of perception, provoking, language, thinking, speaking, influencing people, and leadership? To me, those scopes are beautiful, mysterious and thrilling in their own way.

I second Sol LeWitt (1928-2007) statement,

Ideas alone can be works of art. All ideas need not be made physical. A work of art may be understood as a conductor from the artist’s mind to the viewer’s. But it may never reach the viewer, or it may never leave the artist’s mind.

Perhaps, everything we do can be considered as an art. I strongly believe that there is no right or wrong in art. Everyone is trying to do their best in everything. However, it is still depends on the community's norm. Whatever it is, if the community or the country see it as illegal, then it will be illegal.

To end this post, I would like to emphasize that not everyone is into Art. There are several types of people in this world with different way of thinking. First, those who use their left brain more. Second, those who use their right brain more. One is not better than the other, just as being right-handed is not ‘superior’ to being left-handed.

So, because of this diversity, we strongly cannot judge they way people act or think according to our own perception and principle. Those with artistic characteristic will think differently than those who is sistematic and analytic, and vice versa. Respect each other shortcomings and let's try to overcome the personality barrier by understanding how to deal with respective personality :)

Hope you learn something through this post.

Until next time.

p/s: I really want to indulge and improve myself in drawing, painting, and writing butttt.... Because I doesn't have the talent, so I need to work reallllly freaking hard in practicing. However! I am a big fat lazy person! How will I ever succeeded in improving myself lol. Okay, just wish me all the best in life then XD May I be granted a feeling to eliminate this super lazy undetermined feeling and work hard instead, insyaAllah.

Wanna check out what I've done so far?

I never had interest in painting before. It's kind of troublesome, so I thought. Playing with colours. But, one day, I tried giving myself a shot. Just trying to kill off times. Thus, I came out with several painting. Guess even an idiot like me can actually paint lol. Nevertheless, everyone can try on anything they want to try. It's okay if it is not perfect, but even trying is a respectful thing though.

EH. MAN. What a long post-script ever written haha.

This drawing is quite simple. Using water colour. I followed a digital image found on Google

This one also from Google image. Imitating others people work somehow is a perfect practice. I messed up though.

Tried to draw Tuan Guru Nik Aziz from a book cover. But, apparently, no one has been able to tell who is this actually. Haha. Well, I am not a professional anyway

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Will You Ever Turn Into a Godzilla in Rage?

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters.

One word to discuss: Anger.

We all know what anger is, and we've all felt it; whether as a fleeting annoyance or as full-fledged rage.

Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems—problems at work, in your personal relationships, and even in the overall quality of your life.

So, everything will be depending on how you handle your anger, and where you vented out your anger.Will you still be a cool person or will you turn into a Godzilla in rage?


The Facebook.
This social media, Facebook is the famous medium nowadays for people to venting out their displeasure, irritation, rage, anger, vexation, irks, wrath, fury, annoyance and what-so-ever words related to the word anger.
Are you one of them?

I, personally think it is not professional at all.
Using the caps lock, and doubling-tripling the exclamation marks.

Sometimes, I just wanna reply,
"Hey. It is not you the only one who can do the caps lock. I CAN DO IT TOO."

But, of course, that statement will only come from a hatred emotional heart.

Rasulullah taught us, to not have any vengeful thoughts, for we are taught to forgive those who have been hostile towards us.

We should be shameful, for whatever things we have written during the time when we are angry. Read it back.

Sometimes, when people are mad over something, they can't think straight. Whatever came to their mind, will be only perceptions, and own thoughts.

In fact, perception is never true. What we see with our eyes, is never true, until we confront it. Why did we make such perception and thought, and then, being mad and all without knowing or even asking for the truth?

We'll think we were right, but in fact, we're making ourselves look so pitiful.

Posting our anger on Facebook, will done nothing. Not only we'll hurt those we've mentioned, we've also humiliated them, and in other words, we've shown the world that we've done some stupid act with our ignorance.

More importantly,
What are we? A coward?
Posting our anger to someone on Facebook, WITHOUT confronting with him/her first?
That's a coward to me.

If we are really 'concern' about that particular person, go and meet him/her DIRECTLY on the face.
Ask them why is this and why is that.
Doing the talks behind them will do nothing.

We should change.
It's so easy to judge others, but, it's so hard to judge ourselves.

Any question so far?
Islam has the answer for everything, insyaAllah.

“What Rasulullah said about anger?”

Reported by Abu Hurairah (RA): A man asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) to give him advice, and he (peace be upon him) said, “Do not get angry.” The man repeated that several times and he (peace be upon him) replied (every time), “Do not get angry.”

“But, what if I can’t control my anger?”

Reported by Abu Hurairah (RA): Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “The strong man is not the one who wrestles, but the strong man is, in fact, the one who controls himself in a fit of rage.”
[Bukhari Muslim]

“How to control my anger then?”

Narrated By Abu Dharr: The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) said to us: When one of you becomes angry while standing, he should sit down. If the anger leaves him, well and good; otherwise he should lie down.
[Abu Dawud]

“What‘s in there for me if I am able to control my anger?”

Reported by Mu`adh bin Anas (RA): The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "The one who suppresses anger and has the power to give effect to it, will be called out by Allah, the Exalted, to the forefront of the creatures on the Day of Resurrection and he will be asked to choose any of the virgins (Hur) of his liking".
[Abu Dawud and At-Tirmidhi]

All of us certainly have the ability to change.
It’s the strong will that’ll start the spark of changing. Let’s 2015 be the year of change, ok? =).
I know all of us can do this.
You just need to practice, and it will insyaAllah become a habit.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Memori PLKN di Sarawak

Aku memandang ke luar tingkap kereta. "Bukit Jalil..." bisik hatiku. Dari jauh, aku dapat melihat beberapa khemah berbumbung putih didirikan di ruang kosong berhampiran Car Park C. Ketika abah mula mencari tempat untuk meletakkan kereta, mataku meliar mencari khemah yang menjadi tumpuan. "Yong, tak dapat cari tempat nak parkinglah... Yong pergi daftar dululah, abah nak cari parking," ujar abah.

Abah langsung memberhentikan kereta berdekatan khemah-khemah tersebut. Aku membuka pintu kereta lalu turun sambil membawa lampiran surat dan tiket bas yang aku telah terima melalui pos. Dup dap dup dap, hatiku berdebar. Entah kenapa, aku berasa gementar. Tiga bulan, merupakan jarak masa yang lama bagi aku dan buat pertama kalinya aku akan berpisah dengan keluarga dalam tempoh yang panjang, sepanjang tiga bulan! Itulah yang aku fikirkan.

Ummi turun bersama aku dan kami bergerak ke khemah yang terhujung berlabel, 'Kem Junaco Park'. Aku menghampiri barisan manusia yang sedang berbaris panjang menanti giliran untuk mendaftar. "Ya Allah! " aku menjerit pendek. Aku terlupa akan dompetku yang mengandungi kad pengenalan di dalam kereta. Mataku meliar mencari kereta abah, namun hampa yang kuterima. Segera aku menelefon abah meminta Mu'izzah, adikku, mencari dompetku. Hampir lebih lima minit aku menunggu. Aku keluar dari barisanku demi memberi laluan kepada mereka yang ingin mendaftar dahulu.

"Ijah! Sini, sini! Cepat sikit!" Aku memanggil Mu'izzah dari jauh. Dia berlari-lari anak menujuku. Seusai kad pengenalan bertukar tangan, aku segera memasuki khemah pendaftaran. "I/C dan surat dik," minta urusetia yang bertugas. Aku memberikan kad pengenalanku dan juga lampiran surat yang dimintanya. Sambil menunggu proses pendaftaran, aku menggeselkan kedua-dua belah tapak tanganku yang dingin. Aku masih berasa amat gementar.

"Nah, ambil ni dan terus pakai. Adik boleh bergerak ke bas di sana, sekarang. Bas dah nak bertolak," ujar urusetia itu sambil memberikan aku sebuah tag bertulis "...". Aku segera memakainya di leher dan menelefon abah. Beg-beg aku masih di dalam kereta dan aku masih tidak nampak kelibat Kia Caren milik abah di kawasan itu!

"Yong jalan straight,lepas belok kiri, nampaklah kereta abah," ujar abah.

Abah dan adikku, Mu'izzah membantuku mengangkat barang-barangku untuk diletakkan di tempat yang disediakan di bawah bas. Aku menyalami dan memeluk abah dan ummi. Mu'izzah juga tidak terlepas. Perlahan-lahan aku naik ke atas bas. Aku memilih tempat duduk yang membolehkan aku menatap wajah ahli keluargaku sebelum kami bertolak ke KLIA untuk penerbangan ke Sibu, Sarawak.

Sekali lagi jantungku berdegup kencang. Hari ini akan menjadi kali ketiga aku menaiki kapal terbang, jadi ia bukanlah punca gementarku ini. Gementar ku adalah kerana aku tidak pernah berpisah dengan keluargaku dalam tempoh yang lama. Paling lama pernah aku berpisah adalah selama sebulan, kerana mengikuti perkhemahan selama sebulan selepas tamat SPM. 

Perlahan-lahan bas berlalu meninggalkan Bukit Jalil.
Aku menarik nafas dan melepaskan keluhan.
Sesuatu yang baru akan menungguku di sana.
Kem Latihan PLKN.
Kem Jonaco Park, Sibu, Sarawak.

27 Mac 2010.




Tajuk entri ni macam lame semacam. Maaf ye.

Ok, itu adalah sedikit sebanyak perkara yang terjadi sewaktu hari penerbangan saya ke Sibu, Sarawak untuk menjalani latihan PLKN. Macam cerpen pendek pula.
Tiba-tiba saja tulis tentang ni. Macam la ada orang nak tahu kan. Haha.
Tapi, saya tulis ni, supaya tak hilang memori ni dalam hidup saya.

Sebenarnya, banyak juga pengalaman dekat PLKN pernah saya post dalam blog ni suatu ketika dulu.
Culture shock bagai.
Tapi post ni menceritakan D-Day saya bertolak ke sana lah. 
Pengalaman di PLKN ada saya titipkan beberapa dalam entri-entri sebelum ni.

Nak baca ke?
Tak perlu lah haha.
Ada depression sedikit sebenarnya dalam entri-entri tu.
Maklumlah, diri masih muda remaja, tak banyak pengalaman dan tak tahu kawal emosi.
Tapi, boleh je nak baca.
Saya letak link kat bawah. Ikut urutan. Sikit je pun. Kalau takda kerja nak bacalah :P

Ok, bye :)

List entri tentang pengalaman sebelum, semasa dan selepas sesi PLKN di Kem Junaco Park, Sibu.

Beberapa gambar juga saya letak di bawah. Saja. Kenangan.

Ummi dengan payung kuningnya

Dorm wirawati
Inside our dorm. Kemas kan?

Tinggikan nak naik dorm kitorang?
Salah satu tasik daripada berbelas tasik di kem ni

Ada kandang rusa on the way naik ke dorm. Sejuk mata setiap hari.
Duty rooster! Spot my name!

Dewan kuliah. Pagi-pagi akan berkawad ke situ
Rindunya boot ni. Teringat wirawati yang lain komen, "Mus ni jalan macam lelaki la." Huhu. Nak buat macammana haha. I think 1/3 of my soul might be a male instead of fully female :P That's why bila masuk U je, suka pakai skirt labuh. Nak train diri jalan macam perempuan kononnya. Alhamdulillah, berjaya kut(?). Heh.

Kawad kawad! Team Bravo! Hoyeh!
My best friends! Yana (Melayu Melanau), Stephanie (Chinese Sarawak), Maryam (Melayu KL), Priya (Indian KL)

Cutie Neetheya main batu seremban. Hei, memang ada dalam modul tau. Haha.
My classmates! Sarawakian semua ni.

Over there sitting alone was Kevin. Half Chinese, half Iban. Very tall. I actually had some issue with him. Twice! Still can remember his sad face when he asked, "Awak tak nak salam saya?". As if he wanna said, "Awak salam orang lain boleh pulak." Oh no Kevin, you tak perasan la tu saya tak bersalam dengan lelaki yang lain juga. Hope you'll understand. Because of our different in faith and gender, we can never shake hand :) Unless if you are my husband though aha. Understanding about Islamic faith and belief really is lack in Sarawak. Harap Islam sampai kat mereka-mereka ni.  Ok, panjang pulak caption ni lulz.

Dewan makan. Setiap malam lepas isya' kena kumpul sini untuk announcement aktiviti esok hari.

Tiket balik yang pihak PLKN sediakan. Balik alone huhu sebab nak masuk matrikulasi punya pasal. So, tak habis pun 3 bulan PLKN :P Sebulan seminggu je kut tak silap. Tapi, still dapat elaun untuk bulan pertama.
Bye PLKN :) Really love the cloud. 10 Mei nak daftar masuk matrikulasi haha. Last minute giler preparation. But then, some memories are better off written so as not be forgotten by my not-so-bright brain ehe.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Laugh That Console My Heart

Ummi laughed a lot when she speak with her friends.

I love it when her friends came to this house.

Ummi will laugh a lot.

Ummi's laugh is wonderful.

It's refreshing to just hear her laugh.

I wonder how many her laugh had I missed during the four years of living at the hostel away from home?

It's good to be at home.

I can hear Ummi's laugh more.


Ummi, please be strong.

Allah will never burden you with something you cannot bear.

I love my mother. To the moon and back. To infinity and beyond.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

unknown feeling


restless, heart thumping, anxiety.

is there really a word to describe, death?

leaving everything in this world.

knowing vaguely about the afterlife.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Short Story: "The Hidden"

Long ago, in a world called Heirn, flower seeds fell from the sky and scattered all over Heirn. These seeds eventually will grow to become flowers. But, life is not that easy. Some may never grow, some may grow with defects, and some may grow but in an isolated place, where no one cares.

Many of the flowers will have identical features, but only little of them emit special ability. Those kind of special flowers was called “The Hidden”.

One seed fell on an abandoned land near a river. It was quite a long time before a traveler couple, Ren and Rozy, found that seed and bring it back home. Flower seeds were scattered on the world, but it is the people own choice when they found a flower seed whether to take it back home and nurture it until it grow into a flower or just walk away and leave it alone. 

Most people of Heirn dreams to find The Hidden. Once the seed they found grow, they will eventually know whether that seed has a special ability or not. Some people want the flower just to make them happy by looking and watching it grow, but some evil people will want The Hidden for wealth, name, lust and many more evil intentions.

Ren and Rozy named the seed they found on the abandoned land by the name “Reina”. The couple took care of Reina, giving it enough water, enough sunlight, enough nutrients and enough love for it to grow. They also took care of other seeds they found during their travel.

Reina growth was not that bright. It starts really late and growing up to become a rather ordinary flower. But this does not make Ren and Rozy love for Reina fade. They believed Reina will gain its own strength as the years passed to become an individual flower that will make them proud. 

When Reina was big enough, Ren and Rozy moved it to the outside world for it to gain more water, sunlight, nutrients and love. Reina met many people along the way. Sometimes, Reina is surrounded by the bad people, and sometimes Reina is surrounded by the good people. Those people gave Reina something that Ren and Rozy did not give it which is, the reality of Heirn. 

Reina became brighter and brighter every day. Its petals starting to give out beautiful enchanted colors. The realities strengthen Reina.

One day, a woman cried beside Reina. She took a glimpse at Reina, and suddenly, she stops crying. That woman slowly gets up, and whispering to everyone around her, telling that,

Reina is one of The Hidden.” 

Later, everyone found out that Reina ability is, to emit an aura enough to make cries gone, hatred leave, and happiness came. Sometimes, even problems can be solved when meeting Reina. Every person at that town came to Reina whenever they had problems. 

But, one thing they forgot, even though Reina is one of The Hidden; it also has its own limit. With so many problems came to Reina for it to solved, Reina became unstable. The problems town people gave for Reina to solve; became unsolved. Later on, Reina became a flower that make cries came, hatred arrived and happiness gone. 

Reina solved many of other problems, but it seems to never can solve its own problem. Everyone looks up to Reina, everyone expects something good from Reina, but little care about Reina’s well-being and hospitality. They do not realize that Reina actually has a limit because they only saw Reina with beautiful petals and calming aura and believe Reina is strong in its own way.

Reina slowly withering from the inside.

How hilarious is life. 

If Reina was ever a human, I bet Reina is breaking, both emotionally and mentally right now. She will cry her heart out.

Cry because she cannot satisfy everyone,
Cry because of knowing how weak she is for not be able to help everyone,
Cry because she has no further strength to make everyone happy,
Cry because she think she has burdened everyone with their unsolved problems.

If you ever meet the human Reina,
What will be your message to her?

Will it make Reina smile?
Will it make Reina stronger?

The end.

p/s: any comments on the vocabulary, grammatical error or anything else is much appreciated. Thank you.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Usrah Yang Tak Jadi Itu Bertajuk "Keluarga"


Malam itu,
Gathering batch kami a.k.a. sahabat seperjuangan, sahabat sekolej, sahabat seuniversiti, sahabat sefikrah.
Hampir 4 tahun bersama.
Katanya, nak ber'usrah' malam itu, dan diakhiri dengan makan-makan.

Tajuk usrah telah diberitahu lebih awal, beserta point-point yang boleh dibincangkan.
"Keluarga." Itulah tajuknya.

Malam itu gathering bermula tidak tepat pada waktunya.
Kuliah mingguan di kolej kediaman pada malam itu berakhir lewat, menyebabkan gathering kami dilewatkan sedikit dari masa yang sepatutnya.

Usai tasmi' hafazan masing-masing, tibalah slot untuk pengisian.
Ruang untuk memulakan pengongsian dibuka kepada semua yang hadir, namun deria mata dan bau barangkali lebih tertumpu ke arah sate yang terhidang di hadapan mata menyebabkan suasana krik krik berlaku selama beberapa minit.

Fadhil tiba-tiba bersuara memecah kesunyian.
Mengatakan berkenaan jodoh yang di mana, jangan takut untuk melakukan solat sunat Istikharah semata-mata kerna bimbang si dia di hati bukanlah jodoh kita, kerna bimbang jika jodoh adalah orang lain. Sesungguhnya, hanya Allah yang Maha Mengetahui segalanya.

Luqman menyambung pengisian.
Berkongsi berkenaan baitul haraki yang di mana, pembinaan baitul haraki tidak sepatutnya menjadi faktor lemahnya perjuangan.

Muslimat diam.
Tidak menyambung rantai pengisian.
Tiada isi kah? Segan kah? Lapar kah?
Tidak pasti.

Sesi krik krik berlangsung buat kali kedua.
Namun, dimatikan dengan ayat, "Muslimat, ada yang nak share apa-apa? Kalau takde, okaylah, kita makan."


Jujurnya, walaupun pengisian malam itu hanya daripada beberapa orang, namun padat isinya. Bermanfaat. Terkesan.

Salah satu point yang sepatutnya boleh dikongsikan oleh semua orang pada malam itu ialah cara ibu bapa kita didik kita. Semoga ia boleh dijadikan asas untuk kita mendidik anak kita pula. Sayang, mungkin masing-masing tidak terfikir tentangnya ketika itu. Slot itu berlalu begitu sahaja.

Saya pernah terfikir, kisah hidup saya tidak sehebat orang lain, tidak sesedih orang lain, tidak se'wahh' orang lain, tidak memotivasikan orang lain, dan segala yang tidak itu, kerana saya mempunyai ibu bapa yang berfikrah Islam. Seringkali saya mendengar kisah sahabat-sahabat yang dahulunya 'like a Diva' tetapi akhirnya bertudung labuh, yang dahulunya free hair sehingga tingkatan 3 tetapi akhirnya bertudung labuh, dan saya berasa "Wahh, alhamdulillah, Allah bagi hidayah kat dia." 

Pernah saya bingung, sedih dan tertanya, "Kenapa aku macam tak ada perubahan yang besar je selama hidup ni?" Namun, kerana Allah itu Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang, dijentikNya lintasan hati untuk saya berpijak ke bumi yang nyata. Astagfirullah. Apa yang saya fikirkan ni? Adakah saya telah bersedih kerana tidak diberikan kejahilan, sedangkan saya sepatutnya bersyukur kerna tidak merasakan saat kejahilan yang dahsyat. Saya tersedar yang mereka diuji dengan kejahilan, dan saya pula mungkin diuji dengan perkara yang lain pula. Ujian setiap orang itu berbeza. 

Abah dan Ummi, berasal dari keluarga yang biasa-biasa saja.
Namun, dengan ketentuan-Nya, Allah temukan Abah dan Ummi dengan satu bulatan gembira yang digelar 'usrah' ketika di universiti masing-masing. Barangkali, itu lah yang menyemai ruh Islamik dalam diri mereka.
Bertemu di tempat kerja, dan bernikah pada usia 23 tahun, mereka mula membentuk sebuah keluarga.
Setahun kemudian, lahirlah saya.

Sejak kecil, Abah telah mendidik (baca: memaksa) kami untuk memakai tudung, solat dan mengaji. Biasalah, budak-budak yang tak dengar kata memang akan mengundang marah pada jiwa Abah yang muda, maka, rotan selebar jari kelinking di gantung melekap pada dinding rumah bagi mendisiplinkan anak-anak. Disiplin yang Abah terapkan kepada kami adik-beradik sedikit sebanyak telah menanam sifat hormat kami kepada Abah.

Tanpa sedar, selama ini Abah telah mendidik saya dengan nilai-nilai berdikari, bertanggungjawab, berfikiran positif, menyayangi orang tua, menjaga kata-kata, menjaga ikhtilat, tidak berhibur berlebihan, amalan membaca dan sebagainya. Benar hadis Rasulullah, "Anak itu ibarat kain putih, ibu bapalah yang mencorakkannya samada Yahudi, Nasrani atau Majusi". Semuanya kerana Abah.

Ahh, banyak sebenarnya yang ingin diceritakan jika bercerita tentang cara Abah mendidik anak-anaknya. Mungkin saya akan tulis beberapa siri berkenaan ini. Mungkin cara Abah boleh digunakan untuk mendidik anak-anak kita kelak. Tapi, menurut Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Bakkar, penulis buku "Successful Family Upbringing Series #4: The Adolescents", gaya didikan dan pembawakan sesebuah keluarga itu, mungkin tidak sesuai untuk sesetengah keluarga. Contohnya, untuk generasi anak-anak abad akan datang, saya rasa mungkin kaedah merotan itu tidaklah dapat memberi kesan lagi, jadi boleh lah di ubahsuai mengikut kesesuaian generasi akan datang.


Mampukah kita menjadi ibu bapa yang baik untuk anak-anak kita?
Mampukah kita memberikan hak yang sebenarnya kepada anak-anak kita?
Mampukah kita mendidik anak-anak untuk menjadi pejuang dalam menegakkan syiar Islam?

Untuk bersedia menjadi ibu bapa, bukanlah ketika lafaz akad nikah, dan bukanlah ketika mendapat anak yang pertama, tetapi, sebelum itu lagi, iaitu sekarang.
Diri ini perlu di didik sebagaimana kita angan-angankan untuk mendidik anak-anak bakal pejuang agama.

Jujurnya, memilih pasangan hidup bukan mudah. Menjadi pasangan hidup juga bukan mudah.
Membina baitul muslim itu bukanlah mudah. Ia tidak bermula dengan cinta romantik.
Namun, segalanya adalah berpaksikan ilmu, gelegak semangat dakwah perjuangan Islam dan niat kerana Allah.

Sesungguhnya, segalanya dalam aturan Allah.
Allah yang Maha Mengetahui segalanya.

"Ya Allah, tunjukkan kami jalan yang lurus, jalan yang Kau redhai, bukan jalan orang-orang yang Kau murkai, dan bukan jalan orang-orang yang sesat".


Monday, March 30, 2015

How To Survive GST?

Assalamualaikum semua.

Lama pula rasanya tak menulis tentang isu semasa.


Semua orang tahu kut apakah itu GST.
Good and Service Tax.

InsyaAllah, esok 1 April 2015 akan bermulanya pelaksanaan GST ke atas negara kita secara official.
Ramai yang kata ia adalah April Fool yang paling memeritkan haha.
Suka lah saya nak beritahu, GST bukan lah satu gurauan tahunan, tetapi adalah satu realiti.

Kalau ikut pembacaan, ada yang mengatakan dengan GST, harga barang supposely akan jadi lebih murah kerana selama ni kita bayar 16% SST (Sales and Service Tax), tetapi ada juga yang mengatakan bahawa harga barang akan naik dek kerana ketamakan dan ketidakjujuran peniaga yang akan sengaja menaikkan harga barang.

Kita tengok lah nanti macam mana ye selepas 1 April 2015 ;)

Semalam, abah ada share sesuatu di Whatsapp group family.

Tentang 40 cara untuk selamatkan wang anda di tahun 2015 yang agak mencabar.
Katanya, tips itu dikongsikan oleh Azizul Azli Ahmad seorang pensyarah UiTM yang merupakan seorang penulis buku Mudahnya Beli Rumah.

40 tips itu memang menarik dan saya rasa ia tidak tertakluk untuk kita gunakan semasa dalam kegawatan ekonomi, namun pada bila-bila masa sahaja kita boleh mula berjimat-cermat untuk kemaslahatan masa hadapan.

  1. Belanja kurang dari pendapatan
  2. Cari cara buat duit lebih
  3. Ubah gaya hidup
  4. Rancang kewangan anda
  5. Mulakan menabung Emas Fizikal
  6. Batalkan kad kredit
  7. Kurangkan cakap di handphone
  8. Cari hobi yang tambah pendapatan
  9. Hadiahkan diri dengan simpanan
  10. Tahan nafsu hingga promosi baru beli
  11. Jangan beli kerana "Diskaun Akhir Tahun/ Awal Tahun"
  12. Ciptakan rasa seronok bila tiada hutang
  13. Kurangkan insuran kenderaan ikut harga semasa
  14. Nikmati hiburan percuma
  15. Kekal prestasi cemerlang
  16. Sibukkan diri agar tak ke shopping mall selalu
  17. Jangan riadah di Pavillion atau Mall
  18. Berhenti merokok
  19. Diet dan jaga pemakanan, makan untuk sihat
  20. Makanan bukan untuk dicuba
  21. Jangan berlumba tukar sofa dengan jiran
  22. Takaful jangan lebih 10% pendapatan
  23. Sediakan dana pelaburan
  24. Jangan mudah putus asa
  25. Jangan salahkan panda bila kita susah
  26. Barang terpakai bukan dosa
  27. Beli baju di Mydin pun kacak juga
  28. Beli secara tunai
  29. Jangan jadi hamba faredadee
  30. Jangan jadi hamba Honda City
  31. Guna moto itu ranggi
  32. Jangan berhutang kerana layak pinjaman
  33. Berhenti layan Maharaja Lawak Mega. Ia bukan percuma
  34. Tutup lampu kipas bilik / rumah bila keluar bilik
  35. Kereta kecil tetap bergaya
  36. Azam beli rumah bukan tambah orang rumah
  37. Lupakan sportrim dan spoiler kereta
  39. Kurangkan tengok drama orang kaya-kaya
  40. Didik nafsu
Nahh banyakkan tips nya. Jika ada yang relevant dengan kita, boleh lah ikut satu persatu senarai di atas.

Selepas abah share tips ni, abah tulis,

"Berapa tips yang kita boleh buat? 

#1 : Jom kita potong duit belanja. Tiap orang kena bawak bekal, termasuk Abah.
#2 : Jom kita start buat program untuk remaja. April ni angah & Ijah ada kat rumah, kita boleh plan & buat at least satu program. MMR reactivate!"


Nampaknya abah dah guna tip no. 38 iaitu mesyuarat keluarga tentang belanja.

Saya pun baru ada saving plan tersendiri mulai semalam.

1. Bawa botol air sendiri setiap kali pergi fakulti / meeting. Avoid buying unnecessary sweet drink like canned drink or air manis bungkus and avoid buying mineral bottle.

2. Setiap kali pergi cafe kolej, bawa Tupperware untuk tapau makanan @ makan je kat cafe untuk jimatkan RM0.20 charge for degradable food container.

3. Jangan beli sarapan. Buat sendiri. Beli roti Gardenia tu, tahanla 5 hari. So, sarapan 2 keping roti. Minum pagi 2 keping roti. Lunch nasi. Dinner nasi. Malam 2 keping roti if lapar.

4. Avoid unnecessary shopping/ikut kawan jalan-jalan.


Yeah, let's face this year together, ok? =)

All the best!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Benarkah Syurga Itu Untuk Kita?

Andai kita merasakan hidup ini indah, senang tiada payah,
Apakah benar syurga itu untuk kita?

Para sahabat berjuang terluka tubuh,
Menggadai harta demi perjuangan agama,
Berkorban masa untuk nabi tercinta,
Segalanya demi menggapai syurga di akhir nyawa.

Sedang kita gembira di sini, pada masa ini,
Tidak merasa sebarang bebanan untuk menyambung rantai perjuangan Muhammad,
Tidak merasa pahitnya jalan dakwah,
Apakah benar syurga itu pengakhiran kita?


Adalah sunnah terbesar nabi Muhammad S.A.W.
Setiap dari kita adalah da'ie.

"Sampaikanlah dariku walaupun sepotong ayat" - Hadis

Friday, January 16, 2015

2015: Will Your Dream Come True?


Every living person must have a dream, I suppose.
Everyone can live up to many dreams in their life.

It's soothing the heart to just imagining the dreams come true.

But, have you ever wondered what it takes to make the dreams come true?
Of course, it couldn't happen in a blink of eyes.
It is your efforts.

I once wrote onto a piece of paper, "Hey, princess. Your dream will never come true unless you work for it to become a reality" and I paste it on my room's wall.
I will keep reminding myself every time I saw it.

I have a lot of dreams that I would like to achieve someday.
Sure, it will take a lot of effort.
Miracles do not come that often.

Vincent van Gogh once said,

"If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced."

When I first read this, I was mesmerized by the words.

To achieve something bigger, you have to step forward, even just one step.
To mere dreaming, it is useless.
Step forward, and move on. Test your ability.
You wouldn't know unless you try right?

I like to draw, of course not to the point of professional, just for self-satisfaction.
But I never thought to paint it before.
I never learn how to paint using watercolor or even pencil colors. So, can I really paint?
Somehow, whenever I looked at the sky and noticed beautiful blueish sky and clouds above, with the orange sun rays in between them, and the green mountains from afar, I felt like, "Oh God. Can I paint this onto a paper?"

So, like Vincent said, I just need to paint right?
That's it.
One of my dreams, is to say to myself that "I can actually paint".
I have to take one step forward to achieve that dream.
That one step is, to start painting something.

Let's do it.

Oh, some more.

I love writing too.

After all,

"Writing, painting, singing, and dancing are a fine work of art. It has the power to silence the chatter in the mind and lift us to another place."  - Robert McKee

Dear friends,
Let's step forward, even one inch closer to your dream.
For the sake of Islam, even better.


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