That Is Not Me

While I was going through his hard disk to insert our field trip’s pictures, he asked me, “Mus, do you have any movies?” I shook my head. He must want me to put a few movies in his hard disk, so I thought.

“Korean’s dramas?”

“Korean? No, I don’t watch Korean dramas.”

“So, do you watch Running Man then?”

“No, I don’t watch Running Man.”

“Heh? I thoughts girls like to watch Running Man?”

I smirked. “Running Man gave out laughter a lot,” I said.

I don’t like laughing heavily over something like that. It’ll blacken my heart.

“Yeah, there will be a lot of laughter. But, sometimes, that’s a way to release our stress,” he said, seemed trying to argue with my point.

“I guess, it’s okay to watch Running Man, but not too frequent then.” I hold back my inner thought. Does not want to spark any unwanted conversation.

“Yeah, that’s right. Not too frequent.”

He seemed okay with that point.


I am not mere a girl.

I know, girls like me are ways more different than any typical girls out there.

People might see us as a weird creature.

But I don’t mind.

Because, I wasn’t created to please the human, but I was created to please Allah.


  1. I had some similar experience during my internship at Malaysian Nuclear Agency. There is a group of my collegue here that is very fond of watching korean dramas. Whenever they have free time they will watch it.

    After talking to them about general things, I ask them "sampai bila nak addicted kepada drama korea? Takkan nanti dah berkeluarga pun macamni?"

    I follow it with "You can better use your time on something more beneficial. Like reading books (beneficial books not love novels), belajar menjahit ke, belajar baking etc"

    I conclude with "because Rasululah Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said 'Di antara tanda kebaikan keislaman seseorang adalah dia meninggalkan perkara yang tidak bermanfaat baginya’ "

    1. Additional note, the hadith is from Imam Tirmidzi rahimahullah. Hadith number 12th in Arbain An-Nawawi .

    2. Salam Syafiq.

      Maaf lewat reply.

      Terima kasih share hadis tu.

      Dah grad kan? Dah start kerja?
      Mungkin akan jumpa bermacam-macam jenis manusia.
      Harap kita semua dapat sebarkan dakwah like we use to be even in the work environment.

      Tapi, serius saya tak sure lagi realiti hidup kat luar sana.
      Can we maintain the biah solehah that surrounds us during student's time after we start working?

      Don't know.

    3. Waalaikum salam warahmatullah.

      Alhamdulillah dah grad. Lepas habis praktikal, kerja sekejap saje.
      Sekarang sambung sarjana dan kerja sebagai RA di UTM.

      Waktu kerja sekejap tu, hmm agak sukar. Salah satunya kerana tiada orang lain yang sama manhaj. Dan juga sebab ada seorang rakan kerja ni, perempuan dan muda sedikit, suka ganggu dengan permintaan itu ini. Dah cakap baik-baik supaya jangan ganggu pun tak jalan. I stop working there soon after.

      Tentang realiti hidup sewaktu kerja, I think you should ask your father? He probably know a lot more about this.

      If you don't mind I'm asking. Have you thought about not working after finishing the degree? Or working from home? I guess this will be the safest option, also the most ideal for establishing a good family and raising righteous, dutiful & well-manered childrens.


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