The Story Of Unstable Heart of Mine

Hi, and assalamualaikum.
Let me tell you a story.

Starting 21st June, I started my final 3rd year semester break.

24th June morning, I was on the way to the Vistana Hotel, near Pekeliling, with abah. Abah asked me to helped him with his company's programme, "Konvensyen Penyeliaan Kebangsaan 2014". However, on the same morning, my friends were to take on the bus to Kedah, for a programme, "Bedah Buku" for a week.

On the way to Vistana Hotel, abah asked me, "Yong, what do you think of ummi?". I stopped using my phone, and thought about ummi's condition nowadays."Ermm, ummi seemed to be okay(?)". 
"Ohh.. I see. So... You thought ummi was okay?" said abah.
There was a pause.

"Don't you think ummi usually looks tired, and sleeps more than usual?" abah said, while driving ahead.

I gave it a thought, and, abah was right.

"I am still traumatized, you know.." said abah. Hearing that, made me want to cry. I breathed in, and looked outside the car's window on my left, couldn't looked at abah's face.

"I don't know how come we can leave someone who has sickness like ummi to be alone in the house? What if they fell down and no one knows, or they hit their head when falling, or they had seizure, when no one's around? I was really glad that last time incident, because ummi felt on the bed, and not the floor... And, that's why, I want you to be at home, accompany ummi whenever you're on the holiday, especially this holiday..." uttered abah.

I know. Abah said that, because he want me to know reason why he wouldn't agree for me to go with my friends for the "Bedah Buku" programme. 

The second incident on 3rd May this year, really has made us to cherish ummi even more.
Luckily Ijah was at home that time, because she's having a two month holiday. She took care of the house and our little siblings while ummi's recovering.

It's only about 2 months after that incident.

And now, it's my turn. I have to cherish this moment with ummi as much as possible.

A brain surgery has been suggested by the doctors, and any outcome is possible. 

With a sudden appearance of kittens and cats in the house, I am glad at the decision for not going to Kedah. I can managed all their litter (urine and stool) instead of ummi. Mop the floor, wash the dishes, brush the shirts and etc. 

I don't know that our house chores are too many. With three unknown kittens growing up in the house, ummi's responsibilities at the house multiply. 
That might be the reason for the stress, and lead to those incidents.

I was really selfish.
I admit, I rarely coming back home last semester.
Thre reason is?
Nak siapkan kerja dakwah yang takkan pernah selesai, sibuk dengan aktiviti kelab dan persatuan.
Up until the latest incident, that midnight, I was still at the hostel, running a programme.

But still, I need to balance the duty as an eldest daughter and the responsibility I have as one of the committee of kelab/persatuan.

I hope both with whom I serve will still trust me, and I will do my best to cherish both of them; my family and my committee members.