"What exactly is your personality?"


Talking about personality.

They questioned me, "What exactly is your personality?"
I was amused. Funny. That was the first time someone ever asked me about my personality, in a direct way.

Knowing someone personality, especially friends or colleagues, really is essential in working as a team.
It is all about how to deal with him/her.

They asked if I've done any personality test, and want me to explain the result.

So I said, I am an Owl.

DOPE personality test, is one of the personal behavior indicator.
Birdy test aha.
Dove, Owl, Peacock, and Eagle.

I've done this test twice, but I got different answer.
The first one was when I was in my second year. The second one was when I am in my third year.
I got Dove for the first time, and Owl for the second.

That's why I told them, personality really can change by the time. And, surrounding environment is one of the biggest factor.

There is this one sister, she got Dove when we did the recent DOPE test. She's a bit surprised, because, she's an Eagle before. A transition from an Eagle to a Dove, really is interesting. So, we came out a reason, it was because she is in pregnancy.
Yeah, environment really can change us.

In that night meeting, she asked me, "What kind of person do you like to work with?"

Well, that was general.
So, I answered, something like this, "I can work with anyone. But, the things is, you just have to know how to deal with them. Different person have different personality. Different personality has different approaches."

So, that's it.

Who am I to choose what kind of person I would like to get along with?
Everyone have their own personality though.

I think, it is essential to know our colleagues personality, before working together.
That is what ice breaking for! =)

Like abah said in one of his slot, "I am not a counselor, to give explanation about personality, but, with DOPE test, I can help you to manage and make use of your team's personality."

It is interesting, so, why not give it a try?


Abah said, "A matched pair of husband and wife, will not have the same personality."
Hehe ^^

Like abah and ummi. =D



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