Students Love Nescafe!

Well, Nescafe is a brand of a coffee drink. -,-

When examination is around the corner, most students will stayed up late, burning the midnight candle to study.
But,to do so, many of them took coffee drink to stay awake.

Are you one of them? :)

It is nothing wrong to take the coffee, really.
Caffeine really helps to stay awake, no doubt.

But, do you know how is the exact way to take coffee??

Well I don't really know the exact way, but I can share you something I have learned in toxicology.

Coffee contains caffeine.
Caffeine is a foreign thing to your body,of course! Because it came from outside of your body. It is called xenobiotic. 
It also can be a toxic to your body, if your body don't excrete it away.

Caffeine will affect the brain,of course, to send stimulus so you can have the wakefulness.

I just want to share, that our body takes about 5 to 6 hours for caffeine to be excreted.

My lecturer said, it is okay to take caffeine in the morning. Because, by 5-6 hours, our body will be free from caffeine, which is a good thing.
But, let's say someone took caffeine in the morning, then in the evening, next in the night!
Will he/she be able to sleep?? Of course not!
That will be really bad for your body!
Don't you love your body??

Do you know that there are actually others drinks that contains caffeine??

Chocolate drinks have caffeine, and even green tea have caffeine in it!
Wow! I've actually found the alternative for caffeine instead of coffee! Hee
Stimulants in green tea can also helps you to stay awake.

Green tea is the best!
Eventhough the caffeine in it is in the small amount, but it's worth trying. For those who maybe want to reduce the intake of caffeine in their daily life, maybe you could try picking up green tea as your morning beverage.

And, as far as I know, green tea is wayyy better than coffee in maintaning your health, eventhough maybe not much in making you stay awake.

So, all the best for students all over Malaysia! and the world~

#nescafe under nestle. so, saya boikot. hehe~


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