Do You Ever Feel The Same As Me...

I look at you, and you look at me.
We passed each other,
and yet,
there is nothing that can bond us together.
Just yet.

I felt uneasy.
Did you feel the same?
Or you probably never got your eyes on me.

You laughed, you cried, you seemed to enjoy everything around you.
You seemed to be happy.
Drown with love and wealth.

But looking at you,
I spotted something's missing.
Your heart is empty.

You don't know the reason of why you are created,
You don't know what is the purpose for you to live in this world.
Or can I say,
You do not realize it.

Why are we seemed to be so far apart?

It looks like,
We both live in two different world.

You live in yours,
I live in mine.

I would like to step in your world,
Just to grab your hand and take you to join my world.

Is it possible?

Will you pushed me away, or
will you follow me happily...

Sometimes I feel,
That we are afraid of each other.
You're afraid to greet me,
And I'm afraid to greet you.

We're busy, thinking what the other's thought about our self.
"Do they hate me?"
"Do they like me?"
"What do they think of me?"
"Will I be able to blend in?"

If you ever feel the same as me,
Cheer up.
Greet me.
We're always welcoming you to join our world.

Let's aim for the Jannah.