Friday, November 30, 2012

Dislike: The So-High-and-Mighty

If we ever think we are highly than others,
We will tend to oppress others,
We will tend to look down at others,
We will tend to decline others opinion,
We will tend to think we are right most of the time,
We will tend to push others to accept our thought,
Either intended, nor unintended.

Just, who we are to think that we are MORE than others?

In the end,
No matter how high our post is in the organization,
No matter how popular we are in the community,
No matter how many contributions we have made so far for the society,
We are just a human.

A lowly servant,
Created to obey and live for the Creator.

To OBEY and LIVE for our Creator.
No more.

For unto Him is the end of all journeys...

Friday, November 9, 2012

I am Afraid To Change...


Kalau baca buku-buku motivasi, mesti ada cerita tentang konsep perubahan ni. 
Yela, untuk berjaya, kita kena berubah. Berubah dari segala aspek, yang selama ni, membuatkan kita tidak berjaya.

Ayat famous, "For things to change, I have to change first."

Now, isn't it motivational? Untuk berjaya, banyak benda yang kita perlu korbankan. Ego kita, nafsu kita, kadang-kadang, kesenangan kita. Ya, kita perlu berubah. Kerana, tanpa sebarang perubahan, kita akan masih di takuk lama. Awak nak ke macam tu?

Jadi, kesimpulannya, kalu mengikut buku-buku motivasi tu, kita jangan takut untuk berubah, kalau kita nak berjaya. Dare to take the risk! 


Now, back to myself. 

There's certain things in me, that I think, I don't want to change it. I am really comfortable with it, and I'm okay with it.

What is it?

The ability to express their feelings to other people.

Frankly, I am really bad at telling others about what's inside my heart, or what actually I feel at that time, or what's my problem is... 

I'm used to keep them inside. The reason is, because I'm afraid that, what I feel, and what I thought, might be a burden to someone who listen to it. All this time, I thought that, I'm not willing to burden my friends. Pity them. But, if they want to share what's inside their heart, they are most welcome. Very. I love to hear them.  To be the ears, and shoulder for them to cry on.
Too bad, it won't do the vice versa.

But, what the best thing is, I am not the one who's easy to get stress. I have my own principle in handling stress, and that's why I can cope with not sharing others my problem. InsyaAllah.

But, as days passed, I saw my friends, most of them, easily to tell others what they feel. When they have problem, they'll tell. And, for once, I felt, that's must be nice. What if I try it?

There goes this one day.
I have a problem. Within the organization. Yeah, as usual, I know I can handle this, alone. But, suddenly, I want to give myself a try, by telling others about what's happen to me. Suddenly I want to hear others opinion.

And the result is, not good.

Ahh, I know I should never do it. I'll never be good at it. Maybe I'm not using the best way...
Well, the past is past. That's why sometimes, I am afraid to change. Heh.

Talking about my principle when handling stress... ^^

"I have my Allah."

He is the first one I seek whenever I have problem.
And, I feel really comfortable with Him.
He's my only one. 
I love Him.
Yeah, really do. =)

I love You...

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