English's essay Form 4 dulu2.. Hahah~

           I smelt the delicious aroma as I approached my house. “Hmm, Asam Laksa! My favorite!” As I reached the doorknob, something came out my mind, “Wait, I don’t think there is anyone in this house right now. Mom and dad has gone to their office before the sunrise, and my sister, she had co curricular activities at school today. But, if there’s no one at home, who’s cooking?” I wondered.

            “It must be mom! Maybe she has free time today, that’s why she’s home right now,” I made the conclusion with a smile and reached for the doorknob. Ah, it's lock. I wondered for what reason mom's locking it. I don’t want to disturb mom so I reached the key in my pocket and unlocked the door. I rushed to the kitchen calling out my mom, but she did not answer.

            I searched the whole house for my mom but I can't find her. I thought that was weird because I knew that I smelt Asam Laksa. It cannot be our neighbor because we do not have any. The house next door is empty!

            “Was my nose having a problem?”

I tried to smelt again. Yep, definitely Asam Laksa. I ran back to the kitchen and peeped in the food cone.
           “Ahh!” I yelled in horror. I was taken aback for what I just saw. It was not Asam Laksa with fish in it, but Asam Laksa with worm and spider caked by a black slimy thing! It was horrible!
           I dare not to look at it anymore and without hesitation, I closed the food cone. I moved backward and shivered. “What the hell is that?” I yelled. Thinking twice, I braved myself and open the food cone again. What? The gross Asam Laksa had disappeared! I was shocked. What happened to me? Did I just daydream? I calmed myself by saying I was just having a daydream. Maybe I was just too tired, and hungry.

          I went to the sofa and landed on it with a sigh. “ I think better if I take a little nap”, I uttered. On my way to a deep sleep, my mind was filled by that weird experience. I know I smelt Asam Laksa…
          The next thing I knew, I was awoken by the sound of thunder. I peeped outside. It was raining cats and dogs. I looked surround me and found me in a gloomy living room. I took a glimpse at the kitchen. It was dark, very dark. I tried to switch the main lamp, when suddenly I heard something came out from my room. 

          “What the heck…” before I could finish my word, the sound was getting louder. “Ah, it might be a cat,” I calmed myself and moved toward my room in order to chase the ‘cat’ away.

            But, the bravado I portrayed immediately vanished after I heard the sound of a woman’s crying. My heart beaten harshly. I want to move backward but my curiosity is much higher. Slowly, I opened the door. It was pitch black. My hand quickly searched for the lamp switch because of the crying that was getting louder. I could only feel the wall because it was very dark. As I found it, I flicked it without hesitation and the room was bathed with light.

            There, at the corner of my room, I saw a silhouette of a woman with a long hair. She had her back towards me. I gasped in horror. My legs trembled badly. I want to run but I cannot. My panic had overcome my will to run. I was shaken. That woman slowly turned towards me.      

            She had the eerie structure ever! Her skin was all peeled off and the blood oozing from every part of her body. I want to scream but no voice coming out. She then immediately shouted with a horrendous voice, “Why did my life ended like this?! Why?! Why?!”. Her blank socket stared me directly. I was palpitated. My body shaken uncontrollably and, I collapsed.
            “Honey, honey, what happen? Please wake up. Honey!” my ears caught the voice my mother. Remembering the ghost, I woke up in terror and hug my mom tightly. As I coming back to my sense,  I quickly narrated what had happened. She seemed shocked,” Oh my god, you saw her? I know dear, I know. That’s why we need to move from here as fast as we can”. My mother response really woke me up.

            “But how did you know?” I asked. “The agent of this house had told me everything about this house. Yes, dear. This house is haunted,” said my mother with an eerie voice. My mother’s explanation really made me sick. That’s mean, I had seen a ghost. I turned to look at the kitchen and the woman I saw just before I collapse, was staring at me. I gave a short shriek and then collapsed, again. 

P/S : The end.. Any grammatical or spelling error, kindly inform me  :) thank you..Kalau ada cadangan tajuk, leh bagitau sekali ye..


  1. ni true story ke? haha
    okay la kot, sy bukan pakar grammar so taktau nak komen on that part.

  2. nope, just a fiction.. ala, karangan bi yg kena start with certain sentence tu..

    as for this one, "I smelt the delicious aroma as I approached my house.."

    suka pilih short story time exam.. :)


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