Movie Review: 1942

I don't remember exactly when I watched this movie, but as far as I remember, I watched it after SPM.

A Japanese movie

What triggered me to watch 1942?

I was at, searching for horror genre's movies and that was how I met 1942. I watched it till the end, and my final conclusion was,  

" I don't have the conclusion!!! "

Yes, you hit the button boys and girls, I don't understand! I was a real pathetic... 

1942 is awesome, because I like history-kind of-movies eventhough 1942 isn't really a historical movie... but it does mention about crossing the Slim River, Perak.

Here's the summary. I'll be really glad if you spend some time to watch 1942, and share your thought AND conclusion u got from this movie with me :D I'm really desperate to know 'what is 1942 is all about'? 

Yes, we can assume anything, but wouldn't it be more exciting if we share it?

1942. Malaya. Sgt. Yasuo Fujii, a war cameraman, is huddled in a trench, waiting to film the Japanese 6th Army cross the Slim River on its way south to Kuala Lumpur. An enemy mortar shell lands in the trench and, in a heartbeat, Sgt. Fujii is running through the jungle for his life. Armed with nothing except his 8mm camera, the young soldier soon hooks up with remnants of the scattered 6th Army. Together with three soldiers, he must race against time to get a fatally wounded soldier back to the division in Kuala Lumpur. However, everything starts to go wrong and they get lost in the maze-like jungle. All their maps are wrong and their radio malfunctions. Sgt. Fujii starts sighting mysterious figures through his camera viewfinder, and a female ghost starts to haunt them. Survival is at stake and the ghost is hot on their heels. Will they make it to safety? 

If the link is broken, or the movie isn't show up, please help yourself to find other link to the movie. Thank you. Ngehehe~ 

This is only my review on 1942 movie.

~LOVE 1942~