My blogging soul.. has gone..

Sedih pulak..

Setahun kat matrik, tak sempat nak membaca buku citer, apatah lagi berblog..

What's so sad about? I noticed, during this three weeks holiday, the eagerness on blogging has... disappeared..

I don't know.. It's just... I kind of lazy to type.. to post story.. to share..

A year in matriculation, made me dull.. ughh..

I need time to recover myself, my blogging soul..

There's a lot of story I want to share, the sadness, the memories.. The life that I want to embed here, but now.. (sigh)

I need to read some novel I think.. Play some notes..




  1. same goes for me lah.
    setahun kat matrik, minat blogging dah hilang sikit.
    tapi saya banyak baca novel dalam setahun tu. mostly english :P

  2. yeh.. sempat eh bce novel.. tp sepatutnye sempat la, it depends on us jugak sebenanyer.. the will to read..

    a'ahla, lame giler xbce novel english.. i preferred english novel actually rather than malay.. improving my english.. :)


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