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Okay, spm was over last week for me.. but, as my father said, "There's no need for celebration. This is only the beginning of life".

So, he was right. Life will get harder after school days. For those who celebrate the ending of SPM, my advice, don't be so happy.

And, i was busy planning my future. I was so scare. I'm scared if I couldn't make it... I'm scared if my life ended horribly... Ahh..

What if I can't make to matrikulasi, or university? What if there's no university that accept me? Is that possible? Yeah,it might be possible... Huu...

Ok, right now, there's two road in front of me. One is PLKN and one is MH-i. Which one should I pick? My father 'insist' me to delay plkn and go to MH-i, but... wouldn't it bring trouble to me later? Hmm.. MH-i is a good program, a one month program... teaching us how to live in campus, maybe, and i can stay with my friends longer...



  1. ya. like ur father's advice. it's true my dear. huhu. plkn n mhi? em.. plkn kte dpt tau dunia luar sne. tuka language bi kurg hebat. heheh. but mhi pon best jgk. sbb ade kite. haha. x la..

  2. hehe.. yap, plkn dpt tau dunia luar. mhi sbb ade awk, cehwah..

    tp, dsbbkan mhi dah tunda, so, xtaulah.. kalau surat sampai sbelum 27, xleh lah pegi.. cume daftar je mhi dulu..

  3. oh yeh? emm kte pon lebey kurg mcm awk laa. mk cm kurg menyetujui. ntahla..tgok la dulu..

  4. mak x setuju? awat? nak kate jauh, xdelah jauh kan?


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