Book Of Today- The Children Of Charlecote

The Children Of Charlecote
by: Philippa Pearce and Brian Fairfax-Lucy
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Life is the big house is often hard for Tom, Laura, Hugh and Margaret. Their parents are very strict, there are lots of rules, and worst of all, Tom is sent to boarding school. But when Tom returns in the holidays, everything change. The days are full of adventures-climbing trees and playing by the river in secret. If only the four of them could be on holiday together for ever...

I'd read this book weeks ago. It was a very-heart-touching story. The sibling's love for each other warmed my heart. Tom, Laura, Hugh and Margaret were so close. When Tom was sent to the boarding school, Laura which was the eldest, Hugh and Margaret felt something was missing from them.

But, when Tom was home, they were all so happy. Now, they can begun their new adventures together with Tom. Tom will be their leader. Ahh, I can feel the excited feeling of theirs. They must be really, really happy.

I like this kind of story. But also, I kind of feel sad, because Laura, Tom, Hugh and Margaret were kept in Charlecote, which was their home, with a tight discipline. This was because, at that time, those kids' parents were a known person. They were a known family. But, despite of that, those lovely siblings doesn't want the riches things. They just wanted to be free. To live and play happily like Victor, the one and only commoner friend they had.

The ending was sad though. Years later, Tom and Hugh were killed in a war they joined, and Laura, who is a nurse, died because of infection. Hugh died at the age of 16. Poor soul. Only Margaret was still. Later on, she moved from Charlecote because she can see the memories of theirs in that house. Its hurting her.. Ahh.. Causing me grief. I cried. Waa..aah..

Charlecote Park which in Warwickshire is now owned by the National Trust. Thomas, Laura, Hugh and Margaret were the last children who ever lived there.

Wait! Hold on!

Charlecote Park, is now owned by the National Trust? I suddenly got a sense there. Quickly, with an eagery feeling, I searched the image of The Charlecote Park. And the result was, oh-My-Allah! I mean, it exist after all! Aaahh!! I screamed. I got excited suddenly. The Charlecote! So, the story was true! And the house, WOW! Soooo COOL!! Soooo big! No wonder those kids bored easily stuck in that house.

The Charlecote Park

Hope you guys had read or will read this book. It's awesome!(for me :P)