Inner Thought Of A Friend

I love my friends really much.
That is why,
Most everyday I cried.
I cried because I love them,
I cried because I care about them.

Every minute, every second and every moment,
I saw them doing the wrong things,
But I am not tough enough to tell them not to do that.
This somehow made my heart crushes to piece.
I cried,
I cried because I was so weak.

I felt pain,
I felt suffocated,
Hardly to breath.

My head hurts.

Deep in my heart,
I prayed.

Dear God,
Please, please give me the power,
The power to stop all the nonsense happening around me.
The nonsense that I can't handle alone.

I feel alone,
That I need supports.
I feel alone,
That I need courageous.

I love my friends.
I don't want them to be lost in this beautiful world you created.
I want we together find the ways to your paradise...

Later on,
I feel useless,
I feel that I am useless for being their friends.
Who am I?

I wish I have a friend with me,
A friend that love you O Allah,
To share the burden I felt on my shoulder.

I'm sorry.
I am not brave enough to admonish you.
I want to...
But I am not courageous enough.

But friends,
I promise,
No matter how long it will took,
I will never ever let you drown in the gayness world you created.
I will try my best to guide you to the right path,
Eventhough it is little,
Eventhough it is light,
Eventhough I am alone,
For the sake,
Of you and me,
In the life hereafter...

I'll try my best...

I love you, friends..

Ana uhibbukifillah abadan abada...