The Yesterday Night's Aim

As I handle the blue book, took a quick glimpse at my mother's face, I gave a thin sign.


He was mad. I know he was mad at me, plus, disappointed. Well, it was written all around his yellowish tan face, just that the mad feeling did not show perfectly but the disappointed, yes.
About 20 minutes he admonished me about my results and I feel, really, really guilty.

What had I done? I sat silently, still on the rough Sarawak mat. I nodded down at the interval stop several time. Filling myself with his admonish and that guilty feeling. Then, suddenly, he stopped. Giving me back the blue book, silently.

I stood up then, and went to my room. At that moment, one thought, only one thought rushing to my mind, that is

I must change!

That was my aim, and it's forever will be my aim until I achieve it.