My First Flight Experience

As my body flew together with the departed plane, i can feel the body of mine floating for a moment. Frankly, I can't help myself from being terrified! XD. Then, the direction was one. Next to me was Maizatul Hanisah and next to her was an aunt, malay. Next to that aunt was a window,small one.

For the first minute, I filled myself reading Molly On The Run when suddenly, my eyes caught something on my left. It was clouds. I was amazed for a moment. Subhanallah! What a beautiful creation! That was the first time I saw such a beautiful, enchanted cloud. My heart can't stop the flowing of the word Subhanallah(as if I wanted it to stop:D).

Ahh..! Why not I'm the one that is close to that window? So that I can admire the sky as much as I want? Hmm... What by gone let by gone...(ek? is that right? sorry if it don't:P)


Well, that was my first flight experience to Penang accompanied by my friend, Maizatul Hanisah bt. Zulkairnain. On Air Asia. We were on the way to the XCELL program under Kelab Remaja Jim.


For you readers information, we actually missed our first flight, at 6.55 a.m. Ahh, Allah knows better our feelings. Our tickets burned just like that. What a careless... Next flight, we depart at 11.10 a.m. Woah, that burned tickets and the careless we did, was my very best TRAUMA ever!